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With over 35 years of history, Bridal Fantasy’s trade shows are the leading bridal shows in Western Canada. Brides are sure to find everything they need at the Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, shows, which feature a professionally choreographed fashion show and an eclectic mix of exhibitors. These events offer brides a multitude of choices in their wedding planning process including fashion, flowers, photography, favours, cake, catering, entertainment, reception sites and much, much more.

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It Just Didn’t Work Out: 3 Myths that destroy love - Dr. Brenda Wade

One of our favorite love & relationship gurus is "Dr. Brenda Wade," because she gives you the 411 to keep your relationship strong. We've taken a look back at last years article that was in Bridal Fantasy Magazine 2017 and we wanted to share it with all of you again. She is a nationally recognized relationship expert, author, and trainer, creator and founder of the Love, Money & Seva Seminars and Power Coaching and Training International, Dr. Wade ignites change and transformation in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year. Employing her unique blend of Psychology, Science and Spirituality, she has become “one of the most renowned psychologists in America,” earning numerous awards for her TV programs, best-selling books and breakthrough seminars and trainings.

Co-hosting her first television show: HELP! at age 16, Dr. Wade has been transforming lives over the airwaves ever since. She hosted four national television shows, two in syndication, and two for PBS television. As a popular and dynamic guest expert on shows like Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and most recently, Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew, she connects with the audience.
Dr. Wade, author of four ground-breaking books, including: 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Falling In Love, Power Choices: 7 Milestones on Your Journey to Wholeness, Love, Joy and Peace, What Mama Couldn’t Tell Us About Love, and Love Lessons: A Guide to Transforming Relationships., (the latter two co-written with journalist Brenda Lane Richardson). Her on-the-money, sometimes in your face advice, regularly appears in: Essence, “O”, Ebony, Ladies Home Journal, Jet, Heart & Soul and Bridal Fantasy magazines, and Huffington Post.

It Just Didn’t Work Out: 3 Myths that destroy love

How many times have you heard someone say “it just didn’t work out” when they chose to get divorced? Or maybe you’ve heard my other favorite; “we grew apart”.  Right up in the top three is; “we fell out of love”. I’m so sorry but that is a crock of nonsense! There is no “IT”, and we don’t just grow apart, nor do we just fall in and out of love. Each of these crazy statements are part of a myth that destroys love. For thirty years, I have trained, researched, studied and with the top scientists, experts and spiritual teachers around the world, to learn all I could about creating healthy passionate love. Why? Because I failed at love and made every mistake you can make and I was determined to learn better so I could do better in my own life and so I could share what I’ve learned with you. As a result of years of hard work, I created Modern Love Training where I have now coached thousands of couples in our Programs and Systems; there isn’t space here to share even a fraction of the great tools or many breakthrough practices our students master, though I can tell you there have been many spectacular successes.  Here is one story to inspire you and give you a great start on creating your own lasting True Love. One couple Tessa and Parker were on the brink of divorce because “it” wasn’t working out when they came to a Modern Love Training and quickly learned there is no IT! There are either two people willing to invest in a great marriage or not. They got to work and discovered the answers to the emotional and sexual distance in their marriage. First, Tessa had been emotionally and verbally abused by her parents who yelled at her, called her names and caused an innocent child to feel worthless and unlovable. She loved her husband but couldn’t accept his love, so she shut him out emotionally and sexually. She said over and over “I don’t know why you bother”. Second, Parker had grown up with a dad who traveled for work and a mom who covered everything in dad’s many absences. He thought women should be self-sufficient and men could go off and as he put it “do their thing” and all would be fine. He didn’t know how to help Tessa or get closer to her, so he did what his dad did just got more and more distant. There are currently five “love labs” in the US researching what we do that breaks down our marriages and what we must do to build them stronger and stronger. Based on these findings I have created a system called the “True Love Daily 5.” What Tessa and Parker learned:
  1. How to spot the “toxic Love” patterns they learned in childhood and how they used them in their marriage.
  2. How to identify and then share the feelings they experienced as children. Parker was surprised to learn how much he really missed his dad growing up. He wanted to be a more connected husband and father to the baby they were expecting.
  3. They both realized they hadn’t learned how to talk about their feelings or needs and instead shut down and shut one another out.
  4. They sealed the exits and made a choice to each take responsibility to create the kind of marriage they really wanted and wrote down exactly what they each wanted.
  5. They committed to practice “the True Love Daily 5”
Loving touch, hugs kisses and cuddling are golden. Express loving words, especially admiration and appreciation. Ask what do you need from me today to feel happy and loved? Write a gratitude list every night of 5 things they are grateful for in their marriage and one another Do a spiritual practice together every day, pray, meditate, read from a holy book, watch a sunset or sunrise anything inspiring and uplifting counts. Tessa and Parker aren’t the only who created the marriage of their dreams. We had another couple join our coaching program who had actually been divorced for five years. They said they had grown apart but still loved one another. My response was why don’t you put your time and energy into growing together? They did, and got remarried and are still living happily together. Brides and grooms, if you are wondering what to do right now to create the deeply connected passionate marriage you want and how to keep it growing every year, here is my advice. Start now. Commit right now to a “True Love daily 5”. Take premarital training. Why? Because there are 50% fewer divorces for those couples that train ahead of time. That will save you time energy and money later, right? Then every year, get a tune-up; your marriage is at least as important as your car, right? Take action now and I’ll send you a great wedding gift, “The True Love, Great Marriage Kit” It’s a live teleseminar with me as your coach! Just send me an email at: love@docwade.com Love and blessings, Dr. Brenda

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Head Over Heels for Lyndsey Smith

Here at Bridal Fantasy we have much appreciation for the writers that contribute to our magazine each year. Today we’ve decided to shine the spotlight down on one of our favorites, ‘Lyndsey Smith.’ She’s a Canadian Fashionista who was recently married; you might know her from her personal blog, ‘Over My Styled Body.’ Born and raised in Alberta she is the ‘IT’ girl for style on our radar of fashion adventures this past year. She has evolved Over My Styled Body into a complete lifestyle platform for your go-to for tips on STYLE, BEAUTY, DIY, FOOD & DRINK, HOME, TRAVEL, PERSONAL, & WEDDING (our personal favorite.) We love her because she is relatable to the everyday woman just trying to find her way in life. We came across her online and saw her blog about her first year of marriage and decided that we had to have it in our magazine. She talks about the hassles of changing your last name to keeping  the romance alive in the relationship no matter how long you’re married. An Influencer who remains completely down to earth and lively, you can look to Lyndsey for just about everything. We are so excited to see how much she has grown, and are even more excited to see her article in the magazine in physical print. Have you read the magazine yet? Grab yours today! You can find yours at any Chapters, Coles, Indigo, Safeway, Save On Foods, Etc. in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Here's The Article 'First Year Of Marriage,' By Lyndsey Smith My husband and I recently celebrated our first anniversary and I still can't believe how fast time flies! October 8th was seriously the happiest day of my life and I never really knew what people meant by that until we had our wedding. But happy times aside, our first year of marriage has taught me A LOT and it hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows. I'm going to be real-our first year as husband and wife has been a combination of both the best and probably one of the toughest years for us as a couple. We've gone through a ton of changes, both good and bad, and navigating through those times together hasn't always been easy. But like I said, we've both learned a lot from each other and in the end are a stronger couple for it (pats self on back). Here are a few lessons I learned from my first year of marriage... Being called wife is kind of weird... I remember the first time Josh called me wife. It was on our honeymoon and as soon as he said it we both looked at each other and smiled. As weird as it was hearing him call me wife instead of girlfriend, it was also super special. Cheesy? Extremely. ...But calling him husband, is even weirder I also remember the first time I called Josh my husband. I was making some changes to our phone plan before leaving on our honeymoon and the lady helping me asked who it was for and I totally freaked out. I ended up mixing boyfriend and husband in the same word and it came out something along the lines as husband? I'm now happy to report that saying husband has gotten a lot easier. Changing your last name is a real pain in the butt As much as I love being called Mrs. Smith, the journey to getting there is a long and annoying one. You don't realize how many things have your last name on it until you need things changed! On the other hand, Mrs. Smith does have a nice ring to it. There's a difference between having a boyfriend and having a husband You might think this one is pretty obvious but when you've been together for 10 years before getting married, you kind of think that signing a piece of paper won't change anything. And although there's a lot in our relationship that has stayed the same, becoming husband and wife is just different. I can't really explain how it's different but being married just makes you feel more bonded in a way that dating doesn't. You'll say this to yourself weekly...'OMG, I'm married!?' That thought will come over me at the most random times. I might be in the grocery store picking up Josh's favorite snack or folding a pair of his pants and it will hit me. I'm married!? It's a funny and amazing feeling that I hope never goes away. Talking about babies actually becomes a thing Before I get into it, no I'm not pregnant. But for some reason the thought of starting a family seems like more of a possibility and baby fever can creep up on you.  If you manage to send out your thank you cards before your first year anniversary you're winning Yep, winning. There's no 'I' in team I kind of hate that saying but to make my next point it just works so I'm rolling with it... I'm an only child and for majority of my life everything has been about me, myself, and I. But when we got married me turned to we and I now have a partner in life which is pretty great. I've realized that I can't do everything on my own and that putting my needs aside for my spouse’s is sometimes necessary. Being married doesn't mean you have to trade in your lacy bits for granny panties As Beyoncé once eloquently said, "I've got hot sauce in my bag, swag", the same goes for your marriage. You have to keep things spicy! Whether you've been together for one, twelve, or twenty years, making an effort in the romance department is something you both have to make time for and it keeps the relationship fun! Looking at your wedding photos happens ALL THE TIME As I mentioned earlier, our wedding was the happiest day of my life but getting our wedding photos back was a close second. Seeing all of those special moments captured on film was super special so I decided to create a gallery wall with a few of our favorites. I always catch Josh standing there looking at them and he always shows them to everyone who comes over. It's actually super cute. I also look at them often and they're a great reminder of not only an amazing day but the start of an even more amazing journey through life together. Image 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 by Katch Studios

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How to Turn a Community Hall into a Beautiful Wedding Venue

As a newly-engaged couple, your first step is to set the date so you can start scoping out venues. This is also the stage when you should decide what you want to spend your money on, because venues will vary in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If you choose a smaller venue without a lot of amenities, you could save yourself a lot of cash. This could mean that you have more funds available to make that space look amazing and exactly how you want. Most community and church halls generally come with the basics, like tables and chairs, perhaps a bar, and a possibly a kitchen for your caterer to work with. Photo: Joseph Sicorro (Our tips will also help with planning the inside of your tent. Our tent and rentals experts will happily walk you through the booking process.) Tables Tables usually come in two shapes, round or rectangular. We rent all these sizes, in case your venue doesn’t offer tables. Standard sizes of rounds include 4’ (which seat 6), 5’ rounds (which seat 8), and 6’ rounds (which seat 10). You could squeeze up to one more person at each round table, but we don’t recommend more than that, as people will need elbow space to eat their meal. Standard rectangular sizes include 6’or 8’ long (by 2.5’ wide), seating 6 or 8, respectively. Technically, you can add one on each end of these rectangular tables (which is called “capping”), but if you plan on using elaborate settings, large dinner plates (10” or more) or charger plates, we recommend you leave those spots open, because the settings on the corners will run into each other. If you’re doing a casual BBQ with paper plates, you can get away with putting more people at any table. For an elaborate option, use our beautifully-finished Harvest Tables, which are stained a rich walnut, and don’t need linens. You could, of course, add runners and napkins for a great pop of colour. We have matching chiavari chairs, cross-back chairs and pew-style benches. Mix and match these to add texture to your room. Alternately, you could also create your own harvest look—arranging the long tables provided by the venue end to end—but if you need to use your space wisely, round tables will seat more people per square foot. Photo: Joseph Sicorro Tablecloths If you decide to use the tables provided by your venue, either long or round, you’ll probably need tablecloths, because the finish on the tables will not be ideal. You can choose standard length linens, which fall about halfway, but come in limited fabrics and colours. Choosing full-length linens gives you the best bang-for-your-buck as far as décor goes, giving your room a luxurious look. There are also many more choices in colour and fabrics to choose from in full-length linens. This chart is a great resource for choosing linen sizes. Photo: Emily Exon Photography Choose linens in a single colour, with a complimentary-coloured napkin, or opt for a complex colour palate in the room by creating two to four coordinated “looks” and alternating them throughout the space. Accomplish this by aligning patterns, colours and textures. This can also help accommodate a sizable party if the items you desire aren’t available in large quantities. Photo: Joseph Sicorro Chairs Typically, the chairs provided at most community halls are less than attractive. Depending on the shape, you can use chair covers to achieve a sharp look. For standard round-back or square-back chairs, our slip-on covers work nicely and are a breeze to put on. You can borrow one from us ahead of time and take it to the hall to make sure it fits. We also have pillowcase covers and spandex covers which fit a variety of styles, but these are a little more time-consuming to put on. If chair covers are not the look you want, you could also forego the venue’s chairs and use one of our beautiful chiavari, tolix or cross-back styles. Again, these are awesome bang-for-your-buck, and will make your room look elegant. We offer chiavari chairs in three materials—metal, wood and resin—in a total of 12 different colours. Our cross-back chairs come in chocolate or antique (which look like they’ve been sat in for hundreds of years). Tolix chairs are brushed nickel—a very unique industrial look. Each style comes with your choice of cushion in an array of colours.   Photos: Joseph Sicorro We also offer plastic or resin folding chairs for your outdoor (or indoor) ceremony, along with pew-style walnut benches and a variety of bar stools. The latter are ideal for offering seating around cocktail tables—a great addition to your receiving area or around your dance floor. Dishes Most venues—and some caterers—won’t offer dishes, glasses and flatware; however, we rent several patterns of each. Our basic Pearl White china and stainless steel Concord flatware is very popular budget-conscious option. It comes sparkling clean and polished, ready to be set. Opt for one of our more elaborate patterns, like the Sahara Black china or Crown Royal gold flatware, for a regal look. If that isn’t your style, not to worry, we also have contemporary styles, like the Geometric china and Kingsly brushed nickel flatware, and many more. We also have easy-going wine glasses, crystal, trendy mason jars and a variety of tumblers and goblets. The best thing is we don’t require you to wash anything. Just rinse or scrape and we’ll take care of the rest. Consider what you’re serving when booking your dishes. If your meal is plated, you’ll need dishes for each course and flatware set on the table. If you’re serving family style, the plates can go right on the guest tables, and this looks great in a room. With a buffet, you have a choice whether to set your flatware or use “roll-ups” or baskets of cutlery on the food tables. Many couples are tempted to set the plates on the guest tables, but guests will often forget their plate. Make it easy for them by stacking them on the buffet (and don’t forget about dessert plates!) Don’t forget to stock your bar with ample glassware. And if you need a bar, we have some great portable options. Photo: Filipek Photo Photography | Model Shelby Chong Backdrops Backdrops are extremely popular right now. What better way to frame your head table than put a gorgeous frame behind it? Or create a fantastic photo-opp vignette with a little décor and a fancy chair or sofa. At Great Events Rentals, we have easy, DIY backdrop frames with many choices for fabrics. Use white chiffon for a romantic look or black chiffon for a sultry look. We also have opaque Premier Polyester (in black or white) for a flatter, modern look. Add twinkle lights (we rent them!) or go for LED up-lights from a local AV rental store. They’re programmable for any colour you want. Another option is our whimsical café lights, which have round bulbs. And, you can incorporate your own design with ribbons, flowers, hanging trinkets or anything else your heart desires. Stages and Dancefloors Nothing says celebration like a great dance party! If your venue has a less-than-perfect dance space, you can create one yourself with one of our dancefloors. We have white, oak, teak or checkered, and we’ll put it down for you if you book our reasonably-priced delivery service. The same goes for a stage, which you can use to highlight your band, DJ or head table. For a truly festive look, why not frame your dancefloor with a chiffon backdrop, add a few lounge furniture pieces and some cocktail tables? Photo: Filipek Photo Photography Models Kassi Pittman and Megan “Ohmegatron” Come Play in Our Showroom! Our rentals experts are ready to help you choose what you need to make your special day look great. Our showroom is stocked with most of the items we rent, so you can see them, put together a mock-up table and find everything you need. No one will even recognize the community hall underneath. It’s all about you! What’s your style? Love, Great Event Rentals Website / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter Contact: Great Events Rentals , 7207 Fairmount Dr. SE Calgary, Alberta Canada, T2H 0X6 Call us: 403-319-0028 Email: info@greateventsrentals.com  

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ZADA Jewels - Jewellery at your fingertips

ZADA JEWELS has been in the jewelry and accessory business for over 5 years. Their goal is to cater to brides and others to help them find the best fitted piece(s) for their special day. They also have expanded their formal costume jewelry to include everyday fashionable and unique costume jewelry, scarfs and a variety of other great products. We loved ZADA Jewels because they provided us with beautiful custom jewellery that made our models look like royalty. Everything they have is amazing quality and there wasn’t an outfit that it didn’t go with. These pieces are not just good for you wedding, you can wear their jewellery with your everyday look. Not only is their jewellery beautiful but so are the people that make the face of ZADA Jewels. You’ll experience wonderful customer service from this jeweler. We hope you love their jewellery as much as we do, and we can’t wait to work with them in the future! Check out ZADA Jewels on their social media! Website / Instagram / Facebook Written By: Megan McColman / Sourced from: https://zadajewels.com/pages/about-us Credits: Image 1: Bridal Attire: NRT Fashions Jewellery: Necklace & Headpiece, ZADA Jewels; Ring, Paris Jewellers Makeup: Blush Artistry Hair: Rock It Out Salon Photographer: Brandie Sunley - Associate Photographer to Edward Ross Model: Mariah McDonnell, Mode Models Image 2: Bridal Attire: r o c o c o BRIDES Jewellery: Bracelets, ZADA Jewels; Ring, Paris Jewellers Makeup: Blush Artistry Hair: Rock It Out Salon Photographer: Jaymarie Studios Model: Sloan Marcil, Mode Models Location: Fairmont Banff Spring

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