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We create platforms for wedding specialists to showcase their products and services while offering prospective brides, grooms and their friends a multitude of business choices, ideas and alternatives for planning their wedding. This is where you make the connections that make things happen.


With over 35 years of history, Bridal Fantasy’s trade shows are the leading bridal shows in Western Canada. Brides are sure to find everything they need at the Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, shows, which feature a professionally choreographed fashion show and an eclectic mix of exhibitors. These events offer brides a multitude of choices in their wedding planning process including fashion, flowers, photography, favours, cake, catering, entertainment, reception sites and much, much more.

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Blush Artistry – An exquisite touch to beauty

Blush has been providing Bridal Fantasy with Professional Makeup Services and Hair Styling for years and what an amazing time it has been. We know how hard it can be to make a name in the makeup industry but this has been a company who has truly earned their name. Established in 2005 originally by Heather Dick she is the lead artist and instructor in the company. Her and her team is always lending a helping hand and when it comes to the magazine every single look that we desire is created. Blush Artistry is a HUGE contributor to Bridal Fantasy in more ways than one. From providing their skills and talent for the magazine & planner shoots they also showcase at our Edmonton Fall & Winter bridal shows! They’ve also made TV appearances with us for our Bridal Fantasy Shows. We love working with Heather and her team because makeup to them is an art and what we try to give any bride reading our magazine is something different and full of variety. If you’re a fan of the magazine you’ll love this year because the makeup looks go from very natural to complete glam, so if you’re still looking for a makeup artist for your wedding or event book with Blush and you won’t be disappointed. Take a look at the work they do on their social media platforms and stay tuned for the magazine to see more! You can also see Blush at our Edmonton bridal show this Sunday from 10 – 4 PM! Website / Instagram / Facebook We are looking forward to continuing the relationship we have with Blush because when we need them, they are there. When we have a vision, they create it and bring it to life. Nobody makes us blush with joy more than Blush Artistry. Thank you Blush Artistry for everything you do. WE LOVE YOU.  Written By: Megan McColman Image Credits: Image 1: BEHIND THE SCENES Photography: Jaymarie Studios Makeup: Blush Artistry Hair: Rock It Out Salon Image 2: Photography: Unknown Makeup: Blush Artistry Hair: Rock It Out Salon Model: Maria, Mode Models Image 3: Photography: Jaymarie Studios Makeup: Blush Artistry Hair: Rock It Out Salon Crown: Zada Jewels Jewelry: Zada Jewels Dress: r o c o c o Model: Darcy, Mode Models Image 4: Photographer: Breanne Marie Photography Location: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Bridal Attire: Delica Bridal Jewelry: Stylist Own Make Up: Blush Artistry Hair: Rock It Out Salon Model: Mercedes McKinlay, Freelance

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Gentlemen, It’s the Most Important Outfit You Will Ever Wear

In front of your friends and family, awaiting your bride - the woman with whom you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life - you stand. And wait. Impatiently, you strain for the first glance, the picture that will paint a thousand words for many years to come. Feeling naked and exposed, you become aware of the emotion welling up inside, that and the nervous twitch, which has suddenly appeared. Your friends and family study and evaluate your every movement. All eyes are on you. After all, you are the groom. It matters what you wear on the most important day of your life. Contrary to popular belief, every eye isn’t on the bride on her wedding day. It’s the groom’s day too, and plenty of eyes will be cast in your direction. What you wear should be equal to the occasion, complementing your beloved bride in her exquisite beauty. The wedding itself has set the standard. You must wear an outfit that expresses the depth of your love and commitment, realizing that every article that you choose is a part of the most important ensemble that you’ll ever wear. Every detail matters and the eyes that fall on you on this magical day will take note as to how you’ve prepared to meet your bride. How are you filling out the clothes you’ve chosen? Do you exude the confidence of your decision in taking this bride? Clothes tell the tale. Your love is timeless, as are the photos that will bring you back to this day in the years to come. You must feel good in the clothes you wear, love how you look, and know for sure that the bride is as taken with your choice in attire as you are with hers. The style, colour, fit and fabric of the wedding suit, right down to cufflinks, pocket square and shoes tell the groom’s story. The subtlety with which the colours and fabrics are reflected in the tailored suits of groomsmen communicate your care, and help to form a memory that will live on forever, even beyond tattered-edged wedding pictures touched by time. Don’t leave these most important details to chance. For seventy-five years, the experts at Mr. Derk have assisted hundreds of grooms in revealing their timeless love stories. A Groom Style Specialist will guide you through the design and selection of wedding attire that best communicates your love story. Regardless of budgetary constraints, you can, and should, look and feel your absolute best on the most important day of your life. Before the bride’s most anticipated entrance, all eyes fall on you. You won’t disappoint.  

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Rock It Out Salon – Creating beauty in more ways than one

Rock It Out Salon has been working with us for a few years now doing more than just hair styling for our magazine. They are huge contributors to the Bridal Fantasy name and are always willing to lend an extra hand. Or comb. They’ve offered up a lending hand in ways we can’t list such as styling for the magazine, being a part of our bridal shows, styling for event, interviews on TV, and much more. The list is long and our thanks are longer. We love working with Rock It Out Salon because they carry the same creativity that we do, and they can always create the image we want to go for. They make our models and team look absolutely stunning and they do it with huge smiles on their faces. Whether you’re a modeling agency, a bride, a groom, or anyone at all they can give you exactly what you’re looking for. They are amazing at creating art with hair, and are always learning and growing as their own team to remain consistent with today’s trends and new trends to come. The stylish staff at their salon have always, and will continue to, strive for excellence in education and consistency with the work that they do. Everyone on their team is committed to satisfy your needs and it is their mission to exceed your expectations. Our expectations have been exceeded and that is why we will continue to work with Rock It Out and continue on the great relationship we have made over the years. We are so happy that they were able to be a huge part in the magazine and look forward to see what 2018 bring for all of us! Thank you Rock It Out Salon for doing what you do. WE LOVE YOU! Check out Rock It Out Salon on their social media: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Written By: Megan McColman Credits: Image 1: Photographer: Grant Olson Location: Fairmont Banff Springs Bridal Attire: Bridal Debut Gownhouse Jewellery: Zada Jewels Make Up: Blush Artistry Hair: Rock It Out Salon Model: Darcy Water, Mode Models Image 2: Photographer: Breanne Marie Photography Location: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Bridal Attire: NRT Fashions by Nicole Tomney Jewellery: Stylist Own Floral Design & Concept: FaBLOOMosity Floral Atelier Make Up: Blush Artistry Hair: Rock It Out Salon Model: DeLaney Auger, Numa Models & Strutt Central Image 3: Photographer: Brandie Sunley (Associate Photographer for Edward Ross Photography) Location: Fairmont Banff Springs Bridal Attire: NRT Fashions by Nicole Tomney Jewellery: Zada Jewels Floral Design & Concept: Make Up: Blush Artistry Hair: Rock It Out Salon Model: Sloan, Mode Models Image 4: Photographer: Breanne Marie Photography Location: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Bridal Attire: Delica Bridal Jewellery: Stylist Own Floral Design & Concept: FaBLOOMosity Floral Atelier Make Up: Blush Artistry Hair: Rock It Out Salon Model: Mercedes McKinlay, Freelance

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The heart of a new bride

 Take a Moment to Be Still, Be Loved & Be Happy. Bride: Monique — They had only dated eight months before the tall, brawny blonde bent down on his knee beside the stunning blue of Lake Louise and slipped the delicate diamond ring on her slender, brown finger. Bride: Kirsten — The New Year had hardly begun as the rooky medical student snuggled up to his girlfriend of six years on their first ever helicopter tour in the Canadian Rockies. Little did she know what awaited her at the end of the ride: a small hanger stuffed with wide-eyed family and friends anxiously awaiting her exuberant cry, “Yes!” Bride: Anne Marie — It had been a long, early morning of searching for clues and making wrong turns as she worked determinedly to decipher his unconventional scavenger hunt. The sun had barely risen as she rounded the corner of the final destination – a simple structure above the river where her soon-to-be groom held a rose gold ring in his pants pocket. Whatever your story, your engagement season will likely be one of the most exciting times of your life. It doesn’t matter if you said, “Yes,” “Of course,” “What took you so long?” or could only manage an emotional nod of the head, you’re bound to be one happy fiancé. But it’s 2018 – the age of wedding magazines at every supermarket, elaborate Kardashian nuptials and the ever-necessary Pinterest-bride-boards. (Don’t pretend you don’t have at least one.) And while you daydream - and real-dream - of meeting your man at the end of the aisle, other thoughts may begin to gnaw at your sleep schedule... When should we get married? Is summer too soon? Or too hot? And how many people can we afford to invite? And what should we have for food? And do we have to have a “midnight lunch”? And who came up with this whole midnight lunch idea?!” Let’s be honest, the bride has a lot on her mind. There’s nothing wrong with planning – on the contrary, it’s essential to pulling off a tasteful wedding. But there’s a danger that can lurk among the venue searches and register dates and guest lists and Instagram posts: you run short on time to just be still, be loved, and be happy. That’s not to say there’s no love or happiness in wedding planning, but there is very little stillness. Again, this is one of the most exciting times of your life, and you don’t want to race through it like a Triple Crown thoroughbred, sporting blinders that keep you focused strictly forward and away from any and all distractions (including your own joy). When you bear down only on your wedding planning, you run the risk of becoming weary and exhausted, and you may even begin to subconsciously view your big day as an obstacle to overcome, rather than a blissful occasion to anticipate and deeply savour. So take a moment to just be still. Let yourself bask in the ecstasy you feel when your fiancé wraps his arms around you. Laugh, and drink in the joy of your loved ones being happy for you. Look how very pretty that ring looks on your finger, as if the two were made for each other almost as much as you and your groom were. If all this means committing to a week or two with no planning whatsoever, or even just a few extra long walks with your future mate, then so be it. Yes, run the wedding race, but take the blinders off, and enjoy this final leg of dating. All too soon this track will end, and you’ll be onto a new adventure, this time as a Mrs.    

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