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JamGel - The Newest Trend in Nail Products

On July 15th, 2018 JamGel Polyacrylic Modelling Paste will be available to the US and Canadian markets. JamGel incorporates everything nail technicians like about acrylic and hard gel systems, while simultaneously removing all the negative points of each system. This true hybrid nail product is wowing nail technicians and clients with its easy to use formulation and rapid curing time. This product is changing the nail enhancement game in a major way and winning the hearts of nail technicians one-by-one. jamgel

What is JamGel?

JamGel combines the strength of an acrylic powder, with the workability of a gel nail to create the ultimate nail enhancement product. Our all in one formula provides the perfect working consistency, so you can work as fast or as slow as you want. No monomer, no mixing, no ratios – just one simple, easy to use product suitable for novice and experienced professionals alike. [gallery link="none" columns="2" size="medium" ids="70921,70922"] JamGel’s formula is odourless and creates strong, feather-light nail with virtually no airborne dust.  Yes, that’s right, gone are the days when technicians and clients breathe in particles when filing. Our putty-like consistency creates smooth, flawless nails and provides even colour without dripping.  With added photoinitiators in the gel base, you have unlimited working time before curing. Take as long as you need to build the nail into the shape you want and then pop it in to cure for 30 seconds. Yes! Cure time is only 30 seconds, meaning you can cut your appointment times in half and increase the number of clients that you can see in a day. Furthermore, JamGel’s tube dispensing system allows for virtually no product waste. No messy pots of product, simply squeeze out as much or as little as you need, and viola perfect nails every time in half the time. jamgel

About JamGel

@jamgel_nails JamGel is a Canadian company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our team has been working in the beauty industry for over 30 years in service, wholesale, and retail, with a specialization in Esthetics & Nails. JamGel prides itself on its customer service and the ability to understand the clientele it serves. We offer expert troubleshooting and workshops with our in-house nail technician. You can find out more at www.jamgel.ca

About PROBEAUTY Group Inc.

@probeautygroup Located in Edmonton, Alberta, PROBEAUTY Group is your ideal partner for premium esthetic products, equipment, and training. We carry many premium professional esthetic beauty supplies and brands such as LCN, Cara Skin Care, Universal Contour Wrap, Tina Davies, Berodins, Treat Beauty, Daily Concepts, Sugar of the Nile, After Spa, Bathorium, and more. We also offer a wide variety of training classes at The Esthetic Institute for all types of esthetics services, including manicure, pedicure, gel nails, skin care, body treatments, lashes and microblading.
To learn more about JamGel, please contact:
PROBEAUTY Group Melissa Colborne 6012 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6B 0E7 Office: 780-462-2580 ext 111 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm melissa.colborne@pro-beauty.com www.pro-beauty.com www.jamgel.ca  

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Romance Isn't Dead

Thank you to B Wedding Invitations for sharing this romantic, French-inspired styled shoot!

Aptly named “Romance Isn’t Dead”, the team at Bwedding Invitations wanted to remind couples that love is about the smaller everyday gestures. That’s the key to keeping the romance alive and strong. Hence the name of the styled shoot, Romance Isn’t Dead. We wanted to show the beauty of small acts of kindness and the adoration that follows. After all, love doesn’t always have to be big, loud and extravagant, but meaningful and heartfelt. To convey this message, the styled shoot was simple yet elegant. The bride gracefully wakes on her special day to gorgeous beautiful roses handpicked by the man she is set to spend the rest of her life with. Next to it, breakfast in bed and a simple handwritten note encouraging her to meet him outside when she’s ready. Upon seeing him, she is serenaded with a guitar. They spend a moment together soaking in one another’s admiration for each other, before taking a moment to sit down for an elegant high tea treat. The results of this photo shoot were nothing short of wonderful and romantic. Indeed, the team portrayed the idea that whether it be handwritten notes to indulging in your favourite treats, keeping the romance alive and strong with everyday gestures is the key to appreciating each other, every day. [gallery link="file" size="large" ids="70817,70818,70819,70820,70821,70822,70823,70824,70825,70826,70827,70828,70829,70830,70831,70832,70833,70834,70835,70836,70837,70838,70839,70840,70841,70842,70843,70844,70845,70846,70847,70848,70849,70850,70851,70852,70853,70854,70855,70856,70857,70858,70859,70860,70861,70862,70863,70864,70816"]  
Wedding Invitations: @invitationbweddingswww.bweddinginvitations.com/
Photography & Concept: @sephoryphotographysephoryphotography.com.au/
Hair & Make up: @suzyselamakeupwww.suzysela.com/
Menu & Place Cards: @adorninvitationswww.adorninvitations.co.uk/
Stationery Design: Catsy Creative | www.catsycreative.com.au
Printing: Inktank Printing | www.inktankprinting.com
Flowers: @chloelashay_floristwww.chloelashay.com/
Dresses: @raffaeleciucabridalwww.raffaeleciuca.com.au/ and by @heleneconstancebride | @berta
Cakes: @maryeatscakewww.maryeatscake.com.au
Jewellery: @loveonjewellerywww.loveonjewellery.com.au/
Model: @oliviaa.williams from @giant_mgmt
Venue: @montdusoleil

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The Wedding Perfume - Memories of Joy and Love

Thank you to Savanna Meyer of Coulombe Perfume for sharing the story behind the inspiration for her perfume, The Wedding Perfume.

The Wedding Perfume - Memories of Joy and Love

The morning of my wedding day was filled with moments I hope to never forget - watching Father of The Bride as my hair was curled and lipstick brushed on, taking a moment during the ceremony to stand hand-in-hand with my husband to look at all the smiling faces staring back at us, and dancing to Van Morrison with loved ones, surrounded by twinkling lights & the desert warmth. You want to remember the experiences of your wedding day for years to come. Imagine that looking through the photographs of your day is like watching the movie of your wedding. They show you exactly what to remember. Similarly, scent association is like reading the book - your inherent memories will come flooding back as you inhale the perfume time & time again. We’ve all experienced a familiar scent reminding us of something. Blooming lilacs reminding you of summer or vanilla, reminding you of grandma’s baking. It’s because our sense of smell, more so than any other sense, is so closely linked to the part of our brain. The part that processes emotion and memory. When you first smell a new scent, you link it to a person, place, event or moment. Your brain forges a link between the smell and a memory. This natural connection gives us the opportunity to consciously associate a fragrance to an event or experience in our life for later recollection. Every year when the fragrant lilacs bloom, I am reminded of my childhood summers. It is nostalgic to me and without fail, I am instantly transported back to those warm, sunny days. The ruby red strawberries, soft grass underfoot and my white sundress painted with cheerful daisies. It’s a visceral feeling that washes over you as you inhale that unmistakable scent and all the heart-warming details take shape from a time past.

The Inspiration

Knowing this, I wanted to gift two girlfriends that were getting married. Why not a perfume that would forever remind them of their beautiful days? The idea sparked a researching frenzy and I found a wonderful perfumer who was Canadian. Unfortunately, they had moved to Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world. She and I created the scent with many samples jet-setting from France to Alberta. It was an incredible experience learning about the history and romance of perfume. All of this eventually led to The Wedding Perfume a year and a half later. Coulombe Perfume’s, The Wedding Perfume, was created to hold the memories of love & joy as you go through life hand in hand. With a spritz of your perfume, you close your eyes and you’re immediately taken back, remembering the feelings of that joyous day; the excitement before you walked down the aisle, the happiness that washed over you as you kissed your love. The contentment you felt as you laid your head on his shoulder and slowly moved about the dance floor. The Wedding Perfume is a natural fragrance with notes of rose, jasmine, mimosa blossom, lemon petitgrain, bergamot, vetiver and sandalwood. I was inspired by lush and charming rose gardens and the allure of the French woman. Elegant, romantic and wildly in love with the life she is living.

Why Coulombe?

The name Coulombe comes from my muse; my grandmother. She passed when I was 4 years old but the memories I have of her and the legacy that lives on was that she was an incredibly warm and loving woman. She adored the people in her life and while I wish she had been sitting there, in a front row seat at my wedding, I could feel her happiness and love that day more than ever. Her joyful spirit is what I hope to bring to this world and to me, preserving our fondest memories is one way to do so. I hope this bottle sits on your vanity holding the memories of your wedding day, the moments of joy & love. As you spritz it on, you can hear Van Morrison singing your song. You can see the smile on your love's face and feel the warmth - the warmth of a celebrated love.
Photos - The Toth's Photo & Film - @thetothsphotofilm
Bridal Boutique - Pearl & Dot Bridal Boutique - @pearlanddot
Dresses - Alexandra Grecco - @alexandragrecco
Model - Taylor Muir - @taymuir
Hair & Makeup - @blushandcoco and @makeupbyjlee

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Real Wedding: Ashley and Reggie

Thank you to Rayce PR and Pharris Photos for allowing us to share Ashley and Reggie's special day with everyone!

"We now pronounce you husband and wife!" Ashley and Reggie tied the knot and what a beautiful ceremony it was! Bringing their love for life and each other together so they can continue through life as one, was an amazing thing to capture! We had the pleasure of photographing the couple for their engagement and we knew we couldn't wait for their wedding as we knew it would be flawless. We were right, it was flawless in every way. From Ashley's stunning lace dress that fit her so well to Reggie's white and black suit, to the wedding decor, to the look on everyone's faces... it was a magnificent celebration. Cheers to Ashley and Reggie! May you live out your happily ever after! [gallery size="large" ids="70727,70728,70729,70730,70731,70732,70733,70734,70735,70736,70737,70738,70739,70740,70741,70742,70743,70744,70745,70746,70747,70748,70749,70750,70751,70752,70753,70754,70755,70756,70757,70758,70759,70760,70761,70762,70763,70764,70765,70766,70767,70768,70769,70770,70771,70772,70773,70774,70775,70776,70777,70778,70779,70780,70781,70782"]

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