Bridal Styles for Short Hair

Bridal Styles for Short Hair


Image from Pretty Designs

Bird cage veils are a great way to include a veil in your look! Depending on the rest of your wedding ensemble, they can range from sassy, sweet or retro. They frame your face and bring attention to your eyes without overpowering or covering all of your hair.

short bridal hair - glitter

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Adding some subtle gold flaking to your hair is a modern way to bring some shimmer to your look. Perfect for pixie cuts or a modern and minimalistic look, this makes your hair look like wearable jewelry. It’s effortlessly elegant!

short bridal hair - headband

Image from Bridal Musings

Versatile and easy, a fun hairband is a great way to keep your hair out of your face and all of the attention on you! One great benefit of this style is how easy it is to find a style that suits you perfectly! Depending on the headband that you choose and your overall bridal look, you can easily achieve many styles, preppy, bohemian, modern, romantic and more!

short bridal hair - pin

Image from Wedding Chicks

A beautiful pin is a great way to add some sparkle and define your hairstyle. Whether it’s small and dainty or a statement-making stunner, it’s a pretty way to add some sparkle to your look.

short bridal hair flowers

Image from Bridal Musings

Floral crowns can suit any hairstyle, but we love how this collection of smaller blossoms add a ribbon of colour to this bride’s hairstyle. Feel free to experiment with the kinds of flowers that you use, just be mindful of proportion when building your crown.

short bridal hair glittering band

Image from Etsy

Adding a subtle tiara or band to the crown of your head is a lovely way to add an interesting element that sparkles without taking too much attention away from the rest of your bridal look.

short bridal hair updo

Image from Bridal Musings

Having a cute crop doesn’t mean you can’t have an updo! Bouffants and updos can still be achieved and look great!  Don’t be discouraged when looking at bridal hairstyles, there’s many cute ways to style a pretty bob or pixie on your wedding day.