15 Best Wedding Favors from www.essensedesigns.com

15 Best Wedding Favors from www.essensedesigns.com

If you’ve attended your share of weddings, and we bet you have, you’ve probably received a wedding favor at every one. But where did this custom come from, and what do wedding favors symbolize?

The custom of giving wedding favors is said to have started in Italy during the eighth century when nobility gave gifts at their parties. By the late 19th century, the custom of party favors had expanded to include most weddings in Europe and America. Gifts ranged from candied fruits and nuts to more expensive items. Just like any gift, wedding favors symbolize appreciation for attendance at parties and weddings.

For today’s bride, wedding favors range from inexpensive DIY gifts to more elaborate favors. No matter your budget, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding favor gift ideas out there sure to please your guests.

Here are 15 of our “out-of-the-box” favorites.

Rustic take-home treats

Fill a mason jar with candy, hot chocolate mix, popcorn, or anything you like. Tie with twine and a gift tag, and you’re set!

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Bride and groom cookies

DIY or order pretty iced cookies from your favorite bakery.

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 Signature drinks or champagne

Send your guests home with something to quench their thirsts – just mind that your underage guests don’t grab anything alcoholic.

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Olive oil

Olive oil makes a simple, yet elegant wedding favor.

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Inexpensive and hearty, succulents have gained popularity over the past few years as wedding favors.

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Take home cake

Have your caterer box up leftover wedding cake for your guests.

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Personalized drink holders

Such a simple, yet poetic way to celebrate the your big day with your guests!

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Wrapped books

Book lovers will appreciate the gift of the classics. The books don’t need to be new – thrift store or used book store favorites will do!

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Luggage tags

Order luggage tags for your guests with pithy sayings like, “Not Your Bag.”

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Sweet honey

What says thank you better than a jar of giftable and delicious sweet honey?

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Seeds in a personalized package

This fun idea is both easy and inexpensive. Buy your favorite flower seeds and repackage them in a clear bag with a personalized sticker or gift tag.

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Lavender pouches

Nothing smells as sweet as a pouch of lavender.

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Organic candle

Pick up jars of your favorite organic candle scent and replace the jar sticker with a personalized one of your own.

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Homemade soap

Make it yourself – or buy natural soap and add personalized packaging.

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Take-home popcorn

Have your guests serve themselves a take-home wedding favor of popcorn.

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