DIY Backdrops We Love

DIY Backdrops We Love

Backdrops BF BlogBackdrops are becoming bigger and bigger! Traditionally, brides and grooms would maybe put up a few streamers behind the head table to dress it up a bit if they did not have a pretty backdrop naturally. Nowadays, people get way craftier and are willing to spend much more on a backdrop if their venue is not necessarily the most picturesque behind the head table. If your venue is already gorgeous, use it to your advantage. Dress it up with flowers or lights if you must, but if the décor is beautiful in general, do not mess with a good thing! If your venue has a bland or boring backdrop, keep reading. We have some awesome ideas to share with you, we hope you can use some of them!


The great thing about this backdrop is that you can make it your own. You can get a string of lights to add some light behind your head table. You can hang pictures from it with clothespins – and they can be pictures of anything! Pictures of you and your new spouse, family, friends, great couples through time, even places you plan on going, or have gone to! You can even string flowers up for a gorgeous garden-feel. This backdrop is completely adaptable to your wedding. This is likely the cheapest option for your backdrop from our ideas, and one of the most fun!

Old Furniture:

Well, technically not furniture per say. Consider this: old closet doors, or an old room separator. Or a new one that you have vintage’d up a bit. Or a new one you have even modernized to go with your theme! Either way, this is another fantastic one. You can dress it up, or dress it down, paint it, sand it, add lights or flowers, whatever your heart desires to this backdrop. It just gives a bit more of an interesting view than a plain wall. You can even paint your initials or a cute quote or song lyrics onto it! Completely personalize it. This is likely to be the most expensive of our three ideas, but can have some serious wow factors!


Another classic, but is always beautiful. This is a very simple and elegant look. Again, completely customizable with colour and fabric style and/or prints, but there is not much personalization that goes into curtains. While you cannot personalize them much, you can absolutely enjoy the sheer elegance of them. They are also pretty good if you are on a budget as well, as there is not much that goes into them, and they are often available to rent, so you do not necessarily have to worry about buying a bunch of fabric you likely won’t use again. (photo: via Pinterest)