Engagement Story: Jessica & Landen

Engagement Story: Jessica & Landen

Engagement Story: Jessica & Landen

Thank you to Jessica and Landen for allowing us to share their engagement story. Congratulations!


Engagement Story: Jessica & Landen

How long have you two been together?

2 years and 3 months.

Tell us about how and where you met.

One of my best friends is an athletic therapist. She invited me to one of her hockey teams games. I was going to attend but she cancelled last minute. She asked me the following week if I could join her, so I moved my original plans to attend the game out in Stony Plain. We were chatting by the change rooms when I saw the most gorgeous man walking towards the area where my bag was. I knew instantly that he was the one. I know that seems crazy, but I just knew. He was carrying his camera equipment and I decided to be brave and ask him if he needed me to move so he could place his items down. Landen replied with a no, so I stayed where I was.

We ended up chatting the entire game. I was so excited at the end of the game to get his number, but due to his personal life (going through a divorce) he wasn’t sure if he should (I didn’t know that at the time). He left the game with a hand shake and an “It was nice to meet you.” I could NOT take that for an answer. I found his profile on Instagram that night, and added him the next morning. Within 5 minutes of doing that, he added me back and sent me a message asking me on a date at the dog park. We walked and talked for over 4 hours in the freezing cold. Landen also admitted that when he got home the night of the game, he searched for me on Facebook for 3 hours but had no luck finding me. If I hadn’t changed my plans to go to the game, or added him on Instagram, I don’t know if Landen and I would have met and fell completely head over heels in love.

P.S. He said he knew I was the one that night, too.

How did you know it was the right time?

We were both at a point in our lives where marriage was what we wanted completely. We don’t live together so it was hard leaving every night to go to our separate homes. But in 58 days that won’t be the case anymore!

When did you get engaged?

August 6th, 2017.

Tell us about the proposal. Was it a surprise?

It was a huge surprise! Landen said that he wanted to take a special journey to the mountains, which we do often. I had no idea where we were going because we weren’t going our usual route. On the way, I came across a advertisement for helicopter tours and I joked saying, “Haha, are we going in a helicopter?” This forced Landen to admit, “Yes we are.” I was SO excited!!!

We went for a 20 minute private helicopter tour in the mountains, saw a beautiful lake, glaciers, rivers, etc. The helicopter landed in the thick of the mountain forest and the guide took us for a short hike up to a waterfall. She then said, “I have to check the bear traps further ahead, you guys take some photos and I will be back.” I am completely gullible, so I say, “Okay, be safe!” Landen and I take some cute pictures with the waterfall in the background and then he jumps up on a large rock and tells me to follow him.

By the time I got up there, he had headphones and a tablet out for me. I was not sure where he was going with this, so I took the headphones and the tablet and heard Landens voice, reading me a short story he created with illustrations. That was the moment I knew he was proposing, so I started to ugly cry. Every page was thought out carefully and was our story of finding each other when God knew it was time for both of us. The book ended and I turned around to see Landen on one knee, crying too, and asked me to be his forever. I of course said YES and the moment couldn’t have gone any more perfect!

When is the wedding?

July 1st, 2018!

What are you most excited for in your future together?

I am excited to constantly learn about each other. You can never know too much! I am excited to see my fiance as a father one day. He is a teacher and is great with them. It makes my heart full knowing he will be an amazing Dad. I am excited to come home every day and I still get nervous/excited/weak at the knees when I see him. I am excited to grow old with him knowing we had an amazing life together.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Not everyone knows their “one” right away, but I did. It was a surreal electric surge, avoice inside my head saying “he’s for you”. Landen is an incredible man. I can’t wait to be his wife in 58 short days.