Addressing Guests

Keep your guests informed about your wedding plans and send prompt thank-yous with these suggestions for addressing guests.

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Electronic invites are becoming increasingly popular. They save on paper and have less of an impact on the environment. For the modern bride, this is a great way to invite your family and friends to your special day in a trendy, chic way. E-vites can also save you a lot on postage, depending on the avenue you choose. They can be DVD invites you send out these can include a slide show of your favourite pictures of the two of you, a brief re-enactment of how you met, or anything else you can think of. You have unlimited options. Another e-vite idea is to send out an email version of your invitation, which can also include a picture of the happy couple and all the information your guests will need.

Have your guests email their responses to you. You can set up a special wedding email address like for all your wedding needs and then, once the special day is over, you can close the account! Or you can set up a Save-the-Date website for your guests to visit when they can reply with a yea or nay to your wedding and leave cute little notes for you as well.

Use internet marketing tools like Facebook or MySpace to create events for the parties that surround the wedding like the bachelorette party or the rehearsal dinner. This gives everyone all the information they need in a paper-free way.
You can also send out emails/e-vites to guests as your wedding day approaches to keep them updated on all the latest happenings.


The well-planned bride always keeps thank-you cards at her fingertips. You will need to send thank-you cards after your bridal showers and engagement parties. These will come from the bride herself.
After your wedding day, you will need to send thank-you cards for your wedding gifts. These will come from the bride and groom, using your newly married titles. It is also good to keep some special thank-you cards on hand to thank someone who has gone out of their way to help you or make your day special.


If youre planning your wedding, its likely you’ve been using the Internet as a tool to find pictures of wedding gowns, hairstyles, bridesmaid dresses and to research the wedding professionals you need to help you to achieve the look and vision you want for your wedding day. You can take your use of the Internet as a wedding planning tool even further by creating a personalized wedding website.

It’s not as intimidating as it sounds, and you don’t need to be a web designer. Many reputable and established online wedding planners such as, The Knot,, and eWedding, all provide free website design tools and templates for you to use to create your own customizable, user-friendly, and attractive wedding website. You can just about do anything: keep track of your vendors, email your family & friends, enable your guests to RSVP online, upload photos, upload music & videos, add your wedding registries, and like mentioned above – link your social media networks to your website to increase the interaction and communication with your guests throughout your wedding journey.

The sky is the limit when it comes to wedding website content and features. In many cases, couples like to post stories of their relationship, such as how they met, along with the details of the proposal. Couples can also post save the date details, gift registry information, wedding party details, and even polls and quizzes.

Here a few other great ideas for your wedding website:

  • Include a simple and private contact form to allow guests to quickly email you changes to their mailing address in case they’ve moved since you first sent out your wedding invitations. This will really help you out when it comes to sending out your thank you cards after the honeymoon.
  • You can even add a Go Green component to your website. Consider implementing a poll or maybe an individual preference check box to the Go Green page. There you can determine whether or not guests would prefer an e-thank you card over receiving one in the mail. With e-thank you cards, you won’t have to worry about them being lost in the mailing process. Guests can also receive them immediately after the click of the send button, and it could quite possibly save you from a few painful hand cramp episodes! Keep in mind that some of your guests might not be as technology savvy as others, so be prepared to send out hard-copy thank you cards in the mail as necessary. Your guests will value and understand your motivation towards saving the environment!
  • If you are encouraging your wedding guests to support a charity at your reception (through donations at the bar, etc), link your website to the charitys website so they can learn more about it, or make a donation ahead of time.

Other options are to use your social media accounts as tools to communicate to your guests. Create a Facebook Event Page, share news and updates on Twitter, or start a special blog, and then email your guests and ask them so subscribe to the RSS feed.