Glossary of Bridal Gown Terms

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Glossary of Bridal Gown Terms

Purchasing a wedding dress can be an exciting, yet stressful, part of planning a wedding. With so many styles and fabrics to choose from, it can be a confusing decision for any bride; and this situation is only worsened by the amount of bridal gown terms out there. Here is a glossary of some of these terms – familiarizing yourself with these can really enhance your selection process.

Level A – We’ve Heard These Before

A-Line: Refers to the silhouette of any gown that is in the shape of an A. Flattering on most body types.

Empire A silhouette that is defined as having the band, or tightest part of the gown, just below the bust.

Halter: A neckline that fasten behind the neck.

Hi-Lo: Refers to the length of the dress – short in the front and long in the back.

Capped:  A sleeve length that just barely covers the shoulders, not any of the arm.

Level B – Say What?

Taffeta: A fabric reserved for high-end garments. Is woven, and has a slight sheen.

Asymmetrical: A silhouette that is different on the left and right sides – typically these may have one sleeve, a ruffle or detail on one side or an asymmetrical cut.

Cowl neck: Refers to a neckline characterized by draped fabric.

Tea:  A length that ends just above the ankle.

Bell:  A sleeve length that is tight along the arms and flares out at the wrists.

Level C – Huh?

Sabrina: A straight neckline that begins inside the curve of the shoulder.

Blouson: A silhouette that is blousy, and gathered around a few inches of the waist.

Mini: Refers to a length that terminates at or above the knee.

Shantung:  A fabric that crushes easily. t is characterized by a rough texture and made with silk.

Portrait collar: A folded, exaggerated collar.