The Honeymoon

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These days it seems like everyone is heading off to somewhere tropical for their special day and its easy to see why. Destination weddings generally cost less than a traditional wedding and most are all inclusive, providing unlimited food and beverages for your guests (excluding alcohol of course!). Personnel who specialize in help to reduce the stress in planning your wedding day and they help to coordinate the guest list. Last, but certainly not least, a destination wedding provides an amazing memory for you and all of your guests, who get a vacation along with a wonderful celebration.


One of the greatest things about destination weddings is that you can combine it with your honeymoon! You can tie the knot on the large island of Hawaii and take a quick flight to Maui for the week following your wedding or you can get on board a cruise ship, say your nuptials at the beginning of your cruise, and enjoy the rest of your trip as a newly married couple.


  • The Caribbean : the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, Barbados and more pristine white sand beaches, relaxed atmosphere, lush tropical gardens and majestic architecture
  • Mexico : the Mayan Rivera, Cabo San Lucas and more colourful resorts, full service spas and rich botanical gardens
  • Jamaica tropical plantations, immaculate white sands and sparkling waterfalls
  • Hawaii : Maui, Oahu and more beautiful beaches, casual atmosphere , flowing waterfalls and amazing scenery
  • Las Vegas your choice: quaint and romantic or crazy and kooky
  • Cruises at sea wedding packages include everything you need
  • Paris, France the city of love with quiet sophistication
  • The Cook Islands 15 islands with lush rainforests and white sand beaches

The staff members at Bridal Fantasy have gotten together with three amazing travel agencies, who do great things for destination weddings and the honeymoon, to put together a list of some of the top choices for destination weddings and the honeymoon. Simply click on one of the links below and you can read more about some of these amazing locations or you can click on the travel agency and be re-directed to their website. Enjoy!

For a checklist on preparing for your honeymoon, please click here .


AMA Travel
Farlie Travel
Uniglobe Geo Travel




With the growing trend of destination weddings, couples are constantly trying to find the next new and exciting location to have their dream wedding.

One hot location to consider is the French Polynesian Islands. This paradise is an archipelago with more than a hundred different islands that you can have your once in a lifetime wedding on.


With a staggering 118 islands to choose from, you will surely find an island that will have everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your wedding . . . and perhaps even more! Famous for their Tahitian islands, with its lush world consisting of dazzling waterfalls, soaring mountains, amazing plateaus, and pools, Tahiti provides a perfect setting for weddings and honeymoons.

Another exotic favorite of the French Polynesian Islands is Bora Bora, which is bestowed with towering volcanic peaks, lush green vegetation, and beautiful lagoons filled with rare as well as colorful fish and corals. For a more traditional Polynesian wedding ceremony, visit the island of Moorea. Moorea is the home of the famous Tiki Village Cultural centre, and is the spot to perform traditional Polynesian royal weddings.

While you can leave your cares behind when you get to the islands, there are a number of necessary pieces of information and legal items to arrange before you leave. Like any destination wedding location, the French Polynesian Islands have specific document and legal requirements you need to be aware of. Check this website listing the conditions and requested documents to have before you start planning your dream wedding.

All in all, the little bit of paper work necessary for your dream French Polynesian wedding is definitely worth it. The lush forests, waterfalls, white sand beaches, and extraordinarily clear waters are a must-see for anyone, and sure to be an unforgettable romantic experience for any couple.

Just looking at photos of the French Polynesian Islands brings on a desire to Google Tahiti seat sales. This sunny, blue paradise is perfect for any occasion whether it is a wedding, honeymoonor simply a vacation.



Las Vegas. It’s a city for adventure, love, and making memories.

But its not all wild parties and reckless nights. The city of lights has some amazing venues for weddings too. Here are a few of the favourites, in no particular order:

Caesars Palace

As the website says: Why get married at a chapel when you can get married at a palace? Caesars Palace offers a variety of packages to suit your needs, and promises to make your wedding dreams come true. You can look at their wedding brochure here.


Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas offers several packages, from the Petite to the Forever. The signature, domed chapel and small to huge reception areas are wonderful, and the reliable staff and wedding planners on hand can help you to create and then enjoy the wedding you want. View their packages here.


The Venetian

The Venetians Event Planners will ensure that you relax and enjoy one of the most incredible days of your life by providing you with expert guidance and thoughtful recommendations for every element of your wedding and stay at the worlds largest 5 Star Resort. Sounds like the honeymoon starts early. Plus, you can have your ceremony on a gondola, if you like! See their packages here.

Mandalay Bay

If youre looking for a tropical, exotic feel for your wedding, but want to keep your celebration (a bit) closer to home, look no further than Mandalay Bay. With a wave pool, a sandy beach, and plenty of themed rooms to choose from, Mandalay Bay brings the charm of the islands to you in Las Vegas. More information here.

Graceland Wedding Chapel

No Las Vegas wedding venue list is complete without a nod to the Graceland Wedding Chapel. For 50 years it has been a cultural landmark, and a destination for those looking to tie the knot, Elvis fans, and celebrities alike. If you’re brave enough, and an Elvis themed wedding suits your tastes, this is the place for you. And if it’s not – they also host traditional weddings. The Graceland Wedding Chapel is a classic tourist destination for nearlyweds, newlyweds, and those looking to renew their vows. Visit the website.