Photography & Videography

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  • A photographer should be booked as early as eight months to a year in advance
  • Shop around, ask for references or ask friends and family who they used
  • Ask about package prices and what is exactly included in a package
  • Ask about extra costs: meal and transportation expenses, enlargements, extra prints, etc.
  • Who will own the negatives? Who is responsible for lost proofs?
  • Most importantly, the photographer must be a good listener and communicator


  • All of us have seen home videos. Successful videotaping requires practice and skill
  • Hiring a professional videographer ensures a high quality and memorable video
  • Professionals often use more than one camera, with microphones placed in strategic positions throughout the ceremony and reception venues
  • Interviews with parents, family and guests can make your video even more special
  • Videographers can also add many special effects and can dub and edit your entire day, personalizing the video to your wants and needs
  • Be sure to shop around – Compare quality and price before hiring a videographer