Planning the Bridal Shower Party

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Planning the Bridal Shower Party

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Shower Games

Some of us dream them; others can’t wait to take part. When it comes to bridal shower games, variety is crucial. It is always important to keep your audience in mind; while some people love to get up and get going, other prefer to sit and enjoy a quiet game or two. There are many popular bridal shower games out there which can be tailored to a diverse crowd.

Although it is arguably one of the most –œcliche– bridal shower games, Bridal Bingo is popular for a reason. It is simple and affordable, most (if not all) people know the rules, and it’s good for both your loud extroverts (–œBINGO!–) and more discreet individuals (–œUm..Bingo?–). To create this game is also uncomplicated. Buy or make bingo cards, but instead of BINGO at the top, write BRIDE. Then, instead of listing numbers under the heading, get creative! Write funny tidbits about the bride (so-and-so love pancakes!) and details about the wedding (the date or location). Then it’s as simple as copying each of those details onto squares of paper and putting them in a bowl to be drawn out. Don’t forget to buy little prizes for the winners!

If you’re looking to start some great conversation and break a little of that thick ice, a perfect game is Two Truths and a Lie. The game works just as the title suggests: each guest writes down three stories or experiences they’ve had with the bride, two being truthful and one being a lie. The other guests then try to guess which the lie is. The great part about this game? The truths usually end up being the most hilariously crude of the three choices, making for some entertaining conversation!

This last game takes a bit of preplanning but it’s definitely worth it! The Newlywed Game is an enjoyable one that is terrific because it puts the bride in the centre of attention, letting the guests sit back and enjoy. For this game, you need to interview the groom before the bridal shower. Ask him questions about his bride-to-be; where did they meet, what was their first kiss like, what is her favourite food, who cleans the house the most. After you have scrounged up a bunch of answers, take those same questions to the bridal shower and lob them at the bride. It’s hilarious to see the different answers each gives; guests and bride alike will all enjoy many laughts. If you want to take this a step further, you could even record the groom answering the questions and play it back to the bride (and if you record the bride too, these videos would make excellent additions to any presentation planned during the wedding reception!).

Regardless of what type of games you choose to include with the bridal shower, remember to know your audience. It is never fun to embarrass people, nor is it enjoyable to throw people into situations that make them uncomfortable. Let’s face it, some people will just roll their eyes at the mention of bridal showers games. However, if you can create a fun atmosphere that everyone can take part in, many laughs and memories will be shared.