Wedding Party Transportation

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Today wedding parties are finding original modes of transportation ranging from limousines to horse drawn carriages, Lamborghini’s to hot air balloons, a vintage Rolls Royce to a bus. There are many options available.

Traditional Order of Procession To and From the Church

There are traditionally three cars. The bride’s mother, Maid of Honour, and a couple of attendants arrive in the first car. The second car carries the rest of the attendants. The third car carries the bride and her father. The groom and his attendants should arrange their own transportation to the church beforehand.

Order of Procession after the Ceremony
The bride and groom leave together in the car the bride and her father arrived in. The second car is for the parents of the bride and groom, and the rest of the bridal party leave in the third car.

Questions to ask when booking your transportation:

  • Are the vehicles available to view prior to the wedding?
  • What is the minimum rental time?
  • What about overtime availability and costs?
  • Are there mileage limits?
  • What is the deposit amount and when is the remainder due?
  • Cancellation policies?