Wine 101

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Choosing the food for your big day can be one thing, and choosing the wine can be another. Should you splurge on fancy labels or wine glass charms for your friends and family? Chances are your guests will be less interested in the visual aspects of your choice if you have chosen a wine that suits the food you will be serving.

First off, you should always match the colours of the wine and meat to be served – and not for aesthetic reasons. White wine has a lighter flavour that goes well with light-coloured foods, like chicken, rice, and pasta. A red wine, no matter how pricey, will be overwhelming with these kinds of foods. If you will be having steak or dark vegetables, a red will likely be a better choice.

Chardonnay is currently the world’s favourite white wine and will likely be a crowd pleaser. Another safe choice for white wines is Riesling, especially if you are serving food that will be spicy or bold.

As for red wines, red wine blends are consistently growing in popularity. These are light, delicious, and taste more like juice than wine. IF you prefer a wine with more of a punch, Cabernet Sauvignon is usually a crowd pleaser.

Another option is to consider serving a rose wine. These go well with a variety of foods and flavours, and are light and romantic – perfect for a wedding. However, if you prefer pink, do your research! Many of your guests may not care for a simple White Zinfandel, and you will want to show them that you have put thought and consideration into your choice.

When choosing a wedding wine, the safe choice is often the right choice. You will want to please as many guests as possible, and choosing your favourite, harshest red wine may not be the way to do so. Spend some time deciding and maybe recruit your bridesmaids for the tasting process!