After The Proposal: Keeping the Mystery in your Relationship

After The Proposal: Keeping the Mystery in your Relationship

After the proposal Keeping the Mystery in your Relationship BF blogI know it seems silly, but some women feel like there are no more fun surprises after the proposal. Sure, there are other things to keep you busy and happy – planning a wedding, getting married, having a whole life together. But how are you going to keep her on her toes? What is the next surprise? Where has the mystery gone? Fear not, men. We got you. There are always simple things you can do for your future bride to be.

Don’t stop being romantic. Believe it or not, some men just completely halt the romance in their relationship after they propose. They figure, “oh I’ve done enough now, I’ve got her, time to coast!” DO NOT DO THIS. This does not mean you have to spend money or buy her nice things all the time guys. You just spent a decent amount on a gorgeous ring for her. You might be spent out. That’s fine! Romance does not have to mean flowers and jewelry. It can be a text message randomly telling her how much she means to you. It can be a hand-written note left before you head out to work. It can be her favourite meal being made when she gets home. Don’t break the bank, just think a little bit!

Surprise her! Show up at her work, send her a nice e-mail in the middle of the day, mail her a letter (even if you live together!), anything that will catch her off guard, in a good way of course. Again, this does not have to be an expensive endeavor.

Be involved. There will be a ton of wedding planning going on. Make sure you are a part of it! This is something you two can (and should) be doing together. Make sure you actually are! She will appreciate your willingness to be involved. You should want to be anyway, it is your day too!