Love: Traditional vs. Modern

Love: Traditional vs. Modern Bridal Fantasy Wedding Expo

Love: Traditional vs. Modern



The word traditional might convey different meanings depending on a person’s age, education and historical background, while the word modern brings on the sudden technological advances that affect romantic relationships.

According to statistics, divorce rates have steadily decreased in recent years as a direct result of a decline in the number of new marriages. There are many possible explanations for this phenomenon.

Historically, the Women’s Movement had a great impact on our society’s relationship dynamics. Until the 1950’s and late 1960’s the majority of married women stayed home and lacked financial independence from their husbands. Cases of physical and emotional abuse were more common, which had a direct impact on relationships. Unfortunately, we still have similar situations nowadays, but overall they have diminished. The second element to take into consideration is the introduction of more reliable birth-control methods. This sole factor gave women more power and leverage over relationships.

In recent years, sex through technology has caused an impact on traditional relationships. Long gone are the days when women, and even some men, claimed to be virgins before getting married, leading to long periods of courtship that helped couples to get to know one another before professing their love for each other.

Modern use of technology allows us to run an online search of any person and learn almost everything about them before you even go on an actual date. Let’s say you meet someone you fancy at a coffee shop and get their business card, with just their name you can stalk their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn (to name a few). We are instinctually inclined to gather as much information as we have access to from a potential partner, but do these cyber self-portrayed images reflect who they really are?

Internet has crossed the last frontier by stepping into our bedrooms. The combination of technology and sexuality has unleashed a level of curiosity that would kill any cat. Thanks to GPS capability in most smartphone dating applications, users can find potential matches nearby. Before the Internet days, there was a certain mystery to going on a date. The mere fact of finding a date was surrounded by certain mystery and required more effort and energy than sitting at home and swiping through your smartphone. We would appreciate and cherish the person we found, instead of treating them like our latest online purchase.

Regardless of all this, love is present in today’s society and some of us still believe in the tradition of marriage. This institution represents more than a ceremony that gathers your family and loved ones, it represents a lifetime commitment between two people who love each other. It’s one of the most beautiful acts two people can do together besides having a child.

The concept of marriage has evolved throughout history. Until the Victorian era, marriage was merely a social contract and in most cases did not involve love between spouses. Other socio-economical motivations fueled loveless marriages between strangers who only shared a common interest between their families.

Our advice is to take what worked out of your life’s experience. Both men and women should be treated as equals inside the relationship and marriage should not be determined by your family, nor personal property or social status. We will always use social media to find out some information about the person we are interested in, but we can’t rely on it to make decisions or base our judgments. When it comes to sexuality, we would all benefit greatly from saving a few things for that special someone. Remember, it’s never too late to try something new. As far as dating apps is concerned, we should try not to use them as a shopping tool and base our decisions not only on the pictures, but profiles as well.

Love isn’t determined by the tools we have but instead by how we choose to use them. It would be insane to expect different outcomes from the same behaviors. Therefore, if you’re having problems finding love, try to identify what isn’t working and change your actions! Sometimes a small improvement brings great results. Our advice: get out there and don’t be afraid to feel love by your heart, mind, body and soul. Labels have no meaning since love is a feeling and not a garment to be worn!

Written by The Skinny Executives for Bridal Fantasy Magazine

Alan McCune & Enrique Godoy Ynzenga are Lifestyle Connoisseurs: from fashion to travel and domestic to event planning affairs. Alan and Enrique work in tandem with their clients to meet their needs and surpass their expectations. After several years of mutual collaboration serving a wide clientele, they decided to join forces in 2012 to create Skinny Executives. Skinny Executives compliment each other. Enrique is a Law & Business graduate with experience in Real Estate, Law Practice and Executive Assistance. Alan is a Certified Life Coach with over 10 years experience as an Executive Assistant and Fashion Stylist to Beverly Hills’ most important families.