Cheat Sheet: Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Cheat Sheet: Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Alright, so you have decided to include a flower girl and/or a ring bearer in your wedding. Awesome! We all know they are most likely to steal the show. We do not mind at all though. How could we? They are so adorable! We have put together a quick guide to having these little ones be a part of your wedding.

Ring bearers:

Traditionally, the bride and groom pay for the rental of the tuxedo or suit (it really makes no sense to buy one, since they will likely grow out of it so quickly). So first thing’s first, make sure you take that into consideration when deciding on a ring bearer. Do your best to include the ring bearer in as many pre-wedding activities as possible. Obviously the age-appropriate ones. Engagement parties, (appropriate) groom roasts, that kind of thing. Even if he is there for a little bit, he will feel included and special, and that is what is important! If you have a really little guy that you are worried about actually walking down the aisle, try having someone carry him down, or bring him in a wagon or on a sleigh! He’ll be a hit!

Flower girls:Cheat Sheet Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Again, it is up to the bride and groom to foot the bill for the flower girl’s dress, and this one can get more expensive since dress rentals are far less common. You will also have to pay for the flowers that are sprinkled on your aisle! Same thing as the ring bearer, include this little lady in as many pre-wedding activities as possible! Engagement parties, bridal showers, the works! Little girls love to feel grown up, and most little girls just love weddings! They will adore you for including them in anything!