Confessions of a Wedding Photographer: 12 Questions You Should Ask to Find the Perfect Fit

Bridal Fantasy Photographer Questions Calgary

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer: 12 Questions You Should Ask to Find the Perfect Fit

Bridal Fantasy Photographer Questions Calgary

Picking the right photographer to capture all the special moments on your wedding day can sometimes feel as hard as picking “the one”. So, we asked some of Calgary and area’s top wedding photographers:

“What questions should couples ask to determine if the photographer they are meeting with is the right fit for them?”

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1. Can you recommend any vendors you have worked with that suit our wedding style?
Paige Woodbury Photography loves being able to support local businesses and florists / DJs / planners who have worked with her in the past and are great at what they do.

2. What inspired you to get into the wedding photography business?
Paige Woodbury Photography loves this question because it allows the photographer to discuss their history, as well as give the couple insight into their personality and how they work. It’s a good time to open up about shooting and working styles etc., so you can find out if you’re a match.

Paige Woodbury Photography

Photo Credit: Paige Woodbury Photography

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3. There are so many photographers, where do I start?
Calgary is home to some pretty fantastic photographers. Looking at website after website can be overwhelming. Talk to your friends and your venue to make a short list. Look at their work to ensure they have a similar style to your taste. Once you have two or three who match your vision, book consultations. Your photographer should be excited to meet with you either in his / her studio or a location of your choice.

4. What’s most important when choosing a photographer?
All professional photographers should have the basics for their business: insurance, a business license, professional equipment, and, of course, a beautiful portfolio. The main difference to look for is in each personality. Your photographer will typically spend more time with you than anyone else that day (even your wife / husband!). At the consultation, you will get an idea of the photographer’s personality. Listen to your heart and ask yourself if this person is going to be a positive addition to your day.

5. Should I book an engagement session?
Being engaged is a very exciting time and having an engagement session is the perfect way to celebrate this time in your life. Having this relaxed time together will allow you to practice posing and will give your photographer an idea of what your tastes are. For Remember When Photography, clients learn to see that they’re understood, and that understanding allows the photographer to make the couple look fantastic in their photographs. You can use the photos from the engagement shoot for save-the-date cards, guest books, and any other pre-wedding items you may want or need.

6. I’m on a budget, but I want beautiful photos.
Don’t be shy and talk to your photographer about your budget. Most photographers are able to build a package around the amount you’re wanting to invest. There are many options, such as the amount of hours, number of photographers, and travel arrangements. Payment options are available with many studios, and some will go past the date of the wedding to give you a bit more time and take some of the stress off of you. If your dream photographer is out of your price range, he / she may suggest someone he / she works with who is able to offer lower package options. Being upfront and honest about pricing and what the packages include is important for both the photographer and the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Remember When Photography

Photo Credit: Remember When Photography

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7. What personal projects are you working on that inspire you?
A photographer who’s passionate about his / her craft will always have a personal project. This is a great question because you can hear where the photographer’s true heart for photography lies and where his / her strengths are likely to be. If they say they love to shoot landscapes in their spare time, they are likely going to be good at location and detail shots. If they speak about photographing portraits of friends, their strengths will probably lie in setting up portraits. If they talk about documenting stories, such as relationships between mothers and daughters or their children, or travel, then their strengths will lie in capturing the unique, unscripted story of your day and the little moments that will be yours and no one else’s.

8. What questions do you have for me?
This is a great question to ask to see where the photographer’s level of interest lies. If the questions are all about venue or budget, you know they’re mostly focused on the business aspect of wedding photography. If they take the time to get to know you and relate to you, then you know they will be genuinely interested in your day and invested in your story, which is the most important quality for a wedding photographer in One Two Three Photography‘s opinion. Any photographer can take a portrait of you with your grandmother, but only some will treat her as well as their own and address your whole family by name.

One Two Three Wedding Photography

Photo Credit: One Two Three Photography

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9. How do you like to work with the couple? What’s your technique to get them relaxed and “in the mood” in photographs?
One Time Shot Photography likes to talk to the couple and ask as many question as they can about them: what the couple likes, their personality, how they met, what makes them happy, etc.. One Time Shot Photography also wants to find out as much as they can about your wedding. They schedule the engagement session and that’s when they have a chance to show the couple how they work and see what the couple likes. It’s also an opportunity to see how relaxed and comfortable the couple is in front of the camera.

10. What should I expect from you on my wedding day?
You should expect your photographer will arrive at your house or hotel room in time and with a positive energy, happy to see you and be part of your wedding, as well as arrive well rested. He / she should come dressed for the occasion and ready to do everything you need them to do in order to capture the best photographs possible in the best / worst situations.

One Time Shot Photography

Photo Credit: One Time Shot Photography

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11. How would you describe your working style?
It’s important to know if your photographer will be an active participant of your day, helping you during the whole day so everything goes smoothly, or takes a more passive approach, just documenting the unfolding events. The 38 Photography takes the “Creative Director” approach to your wedding. After working closely with their clients, they have a pretty good idea of how the day is going to unfold. On your wedding day they’ll be the time keepers, so you’re able to enjoy your day. The 38 Photography works as one team with the rest of the vendors hired by their clients. They’ll help pose the clients and bridal party, so everyone looks their best in pictures.

12. If the wedding is longer than anticipated, would the photographer stay? If yes, what’s the extra cost?
You wouldn’t want the photographer to pack and go when the time’s up and you still have the first dance to do. The 38 Photography works closely with their clients, so even before the wedding day they will know how many hours of coverage you will need. They will help you tailor the day to make sure you have the best use of their time on your big day. In cases where clients may want to have more time, there’s an option of adding more hours, and it’s all discussed well before the wedding day, so there are no surprises and sudden charges.

The 38 Photography

Photo Credit: The 38 Photography

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