DIY tips and tricks

DIY tips and tricks

DIY is definitely the hottest trend for weddings. Crafting is in, and we get it! It is really fun! Tehre are absolutely some pro’s and con’s for DIY weddings. We are here to break them down for you!

Pro’s:DIY tips and tricks BF Blog

  • Like we said, crafting is fun! If you are good with your hands, or like trying new things, DIY weddings can be a blast!
  • It’s personal. There is something to be said about making many/all of your décor. It is definitely more personal than renting or buying from a supplier. You can put your own spin on things, and you can really make it your own!
  • It’s a great way to spend time with your bridesmaids, family, and fiancé. Wine and crafts…why not?!
  • It can be a big money saver if you are a thrifty shopper.




  • If you are not very crafty – or you are a perfectionist – it can be a very frustrating task. Getting everything just right, or right at all, could be difficult.
  • It can be time consuming! Make sure you do a trial run a LONG time before you actually need the product so you can see how long it takes for you to actually make them. You do not want to be scrambling last minute.
  • If you are scrambling, it can be a very high-stress time. A lot more high-stress than simply renting.
  • If you aren’t careful, it can be more expensive than renting. Make sure you are actually saving money (if that is your goal).

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