What Every Bride Has in Common with Meghan Markle

What Every Bride Has in Common with Meghan Markle

You’ve seen one bride, you’ve seen them all, said no one ever.

Like the purity of snowflakes, no two brides are exactly alike, but there are similarities, even with bride-to-be and soon-to-be princess Meghan Markle, who is to marry Great Britain’s Prince Harry, this May.

Regardless of life-station, brides balance an immeasurable number of ideas and responsibilities, all while planning their weddings. Like you, Meghan Markle has that work/life balance to manage, but unlike most brides, the American-born actress has plenty of handlers at her beck and call. Still, there are some things to which only a bride can attend; family events for instance. This is a major adjustment for any bride.


Balancing time and family traditions between in-laws, is a great solution for happy couples that want to stay that way. Our radar wasn’t that deep into the goings-on of Meghan Markle on Christmas a year ago, but can you imagine? In 2016 she’s playing Monopoly with her immediate friends/family and by the following Christmas she’s celebrating with the Royal’s. It was apparently a smooth transition.

“[We] had great fun staying with my brother and sister-in-law and running around with the kids,” said Prince Harry.

It’s uncertain how Meghan Markle will balance family on two continents following her May wedding to Prince Harry. Maybe when a Tiara is thrown into the mix and your in-laws’ address is Westminster, London, AKA Buckingham Palace, it is just not all that difficult.


Compiling a guest list is on every bride’s to-do list. You think it would be fairly easy, but not always. We assume that even Markle has parameters to follow. Deciding whom to invite is a sensitive situation for brides and their grooms. Cost is a definite consideration. The wedding/reception budget is a factor. Also, the venue could decide the number of guest or the number of guests might decide the venue. Either way it’s a delicate issue for brides and their grooms.

A wedding invitation is more than just a ticket to get into the event. To the people receiving one, the invitation is viewed as an indication of their worth to the engaged couple. Maybe that’s overstating it a bit, but you get the idea. It is an honor to be invited a wedding. It is unfortunate that a bride can’t send invitations to everyone she honors as a friend, colleague, and relative. It’s not practical in most cases.

Whittling down the guest list is chore that often packs an emotional wallop. Once a couple is certain of how many guests can comfortably attend (depending on the venue and costs associated with the reception), divide that number equally between the two families, and then get brutal. If you’re following wedding etiquette, the list is split three ways. The bride and groom get half between them and each parent unit receives a fourth of the list.

It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it. Eliminate plus ones if you must, omitting children from the guest list might also be an option. The overall goal is to pair down to the friends and family members whom, to your way of thinking, must absolutely be there; Give your parents a little wiggle room. Include them in the decision making process. If they insist on adding an extra person here or there, then ask if they will toss in in a bit of cash to defray the cost.

Just keep in mind that the number of people must fit into your venue. Cost isn’t the only consideration.

Finally, don’t invite people to your wedding because you feel obligated. For instance, if you were invited to a wedding, you don’t have to return the favour. The couple invited whom they wished. Now, it’s your turn.


Every bride has this in common with Meghan Markle. Tiara not withstanding, a bride will be beautiful on her wedding day. It’s not the dress, makeup or jewelry that makes it so, but inner joy, bubbling up and over.

In that first look, the groom reveals how beautiful he thinks his bride is, and in this respect, when you’ve seen one bride, you’ve seem them all.