First Look Photo: Yes or No?

First Look Photo: Yes or No?

First Look Photo Yes or No  bf blogFirst look photos are becoming increasingly popular among couples getting married these days. However, many couples still opt for the first look down the aisle as well. It can be a difficult decision when deciding which one to do! We thought we would help you out with a bit of a pro’s and con’s list.

First Look Photo – Before the ceremony


  • Intimacy: this is a much more intimate way of doing the first look. You are sharing this look with your future spouse, not all of your guests as well!
  • Great photos: this makes for such great photo ops, and allows your photographer to really capture the moment a lot easier.
  • You can have fun with it! You can plan something fun or cute to do, and you can have a lot of variety.


  • You see each other before the ceremony. Very few people believe that it’s bad luck to see each other before the ceremony these days, but there is still something magical about seeing each other for the first time when you’re walking down the aisle!
  • The excitement can be over quickly. You see each other, and then you have to hide from each other again before the ceremony – it can feel a little stretched by then!
  • It is much less spontaneous. One of the great things about seeing each other down the aisle is that it creates an air of real-ness and raw emotion, and everyone loves that! It is often one of the guests favourite part as well.

We hope this can help you narrow things down! It is actually quite a difficult decision to make. Luckily, either way you do it, you will not regret it in the end. Either way, you will have a wonderful memory of seeing each other for the first time on that special day, and that is all that matters!