Ink and the Tattooed Bride

Ink and the Tattooed Bride

Tattoos are becoming increasingly common in our society – and why shouldn’t they? Beautiful pieces of tattoo artwork incorporated into your natural beauty with lustre and meaning are nothing less than amazing. Tattoos might be great for your everyday life, but what about when it comes to your big day? Do you cover them up, or flaunt them? We asked two tattooed brides, Celina and Medina what their thoughts were on the subject.

BF: When you made the decision to get your tattoo(s) what was the meaning behind it for you?

Celina:     Most of my tattoos were not overly thought about for the design of them but lots of thought has gone into the placement of them. I wanted to make sure that my tattoos had a symmetrical feel to them and my body felt even. The one tattoo that I did think about was the Om symbol on my left wrist. It was placed there upside down to ensure that when I need a moment of peace in my hectic life I can look at it and it would be facing me and reminding me to take a moment to breathe.

Medina: It is quite difficult for me to answer a question like that due to the number of tattoos I have. Each of my tattoos has a different symbolic meaning for me to an extent. Overall I love my tattoos as a form of artwork and that is why I choose to get them.


BF: Do people ask you “what are you going to do about your tattoos on your wedding day?” And, if so, what is your response? Are you covering them up, or showing off and why?

Celina:     I don’t get asked often but if I do I have every intention of showing them off. My fiancé is a tattoo artist and the owner of Lucky Strike and he has done a majority of my work and I am proud of them and all of the time that went into them and I feel they should be seen. As well because of our industry a majority of our friends are artists or at least have tattoos and understand the beauty behind them.

Medina: No one has asked me that thus far because they all know me better than that. My tattoos are a very large part of who I am. My tattoos are as big of a part of me as any other part of my body. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am. I have sleeves so I will be showing those off in my dress. Many of my tattoos are also covered and those will obviously not be seen.


BF: Did you encounter any issues finding your “dream dress” as a result of your tattoo(s)? What happened?

Celina: I am still in the process of shopping for my perfect dress but I have decided that whatever I find I want to ensure that it accentuates my ink and allows for me to feel as beautiful as I can.

Medina: Not at all. All of my tattoos are beautiful to me and I wouldn’t want to cover them up or hide them. Therefore, I do not see any issues with my dress and my tattoos.


BF: Are you incorporating your ink into your wedding in any way i.e.; with your theme, décor, etc.?

Celina:  I don’t think we will be incorporating our ink into the Big Day as I still envision something very classic and romantic but we definitely want it to be a focus for our engagement shoot. We haven’t decided yet how we would like to incorporate it but after working with Stacey from JoyFoley Weddings & Styling we know that she will be involved in styling it and our vision, whatever it might be, will be brought to life.

Medina: No. To me, that would be like incorporating my hair colour or anything else that is a part of me into my wedding’s theme or decor. I feel that they are much more of a part of me than that. They are on my body and will be forever. I think that they are beautiful and they are a part of who I am, but I do not think that they, alone, define me.

Both of these women love their tattoos, and completely embrace them in regards to their wedding – as they should! You get something permanent on your body that you love, why would you do anything but flaunt it?

But we do understand there are some brides out there who want to hide their tattoos, and that’s fine. Kat Von D has put out a line of makeup make specifically for covering up tattoos. Her tattoo concealer can be found at Sephora. There are also tons of other tattoo concealer options that you can find with a quick Internet search. If all else fails, costume make-up is extremely heavy-duty, so having your make-up artist do that for you would work as well – just make sure you use something that won’t rub off onto your white dress easily!

Here’s the bottom line, ladies: it is your big day. If you want to show off your tattoos, show them off! They’re a part of who you are, and are obviously meaningful to you in one way or another – don’t be ashamed of that! On the other hand, if you want to cover them up, don’t be ashamed of that either. There are plenty of options for you for a single-day cover-up. Either way, you’ll look exactly how you want on your wedding day, so enjoy it!

Make-Up: BeautifulU Makeup Artistry
Model: Celina Craig
Photography: Chicks that Click
Location: Coney Island Candy, Lucky Strikes & Whyte Avenue
Dress: Delica Bridal
Headpiece: FaBLOOMosity
Hair: Sara Murphy of Flaunt Salon
Styling & Design: JoyFoley Weddings & Styling