How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon – Shannon Lochwood

How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon – Shannon Lochwood

Along with the enthusiasm to plan your wedding comes planning the honeymoon! This is your first big adventure of your married life with your spouse, so you want it to be special and memorable. Even for the most spontaneous couple, a little planning can go a long way toward preventing a honeymoon disaster!

The honeymoon should be planned right alongside the wedding. This can help with both booking reservations and with budgeting for the trip. Many couples make the mistake of not preparing for these things, and then find themselves in a second rate hotel or strapped for cash at a pivotal moment. Making sure there is ample time to prepare and ample money in reserve can make or break a honeymoon.

Budgeting doesn’t mean throwing money away, however. Couples can use perks like frequent flyer miles to buffer their honeymoon spending. Tech savvy couples have made funding pages for family and friends to donate to as a wedding gift, especially if the gift registry is small. Hotels and other attractions will often give discounts to newlywed couples, so make sure you mention often that this is a honeymoon trip.

Another thing may couples forget about when planning the honeymoon is the time of year. This can affect a lot of things – the weather, the availability of hotels and other reservations, and the cost. Traveling off-season can help reduce the cost, but should be balanced with tolerance for heat or cold. However, peak season can ensure everything is booked, so if you really have your heart set on a specific destination at a popular tourist location, be ready to book your reservation well in advance.

So whether you plan a detailed itinerary or just book your hotels and use them as a base to explore on the fly, planning ahead is always a good idea. Planning for the wedding is stressful, and the event itself is a whirlwind of emotions and celebration. The honeymoon is time out for you and your spouse to enjoy each other and celebrate your wedding intimately before going out into the world as a married team.

The following infographic has some really great tips that can help your honeymoon be the best it can be!


Author: Shannon Lochwood