Raising The Bar

Raising The Bar

When we say bar we don’t mean the liquor bar, but instead a dessert bar, candy bar, sundae bar, popcorn bar, and so on. Having a dessert/snack bar at your wedding is a perfect way to add some creativity and give your guests variety. We wanted to share with you 4 great ideas for bars that we thought were very fun and different!

  1. The Donut Bar

Photo: Veronica Varos

Almost everyone loves donuts so how could you go wrong with a yummy donut bar? This is great for any of your guests with allergies because you can have dairy free, gluten free and nut free donut options. Not to mention big donuts, and mini donuts. Everything about a donut bar screams ‘YES!’

  1. The Candy Bar

Photo: Pinterest

Nothing says ‘Life Is Sweet,’ like a treat. Or 20 different treats. From little chocolates, to sweet gummies, or even candied nuts, you can fill up your guest’s tummys with a variety of candies that they can help themselves too. You can also include a variety of sugar free treats for your sugar sensitive guests.

  1. The Popcorn Bar

Photo: Pinterest

Caramel corn, chocolate drizzle corn, kettle corn, Chicago mix, you name it. A popcorn bar is a great idea because you can have sweet, salty, and savoury all together! You can also have a variety of seasonings for your guests to choose from to spice up their regular popcorn.

  1. The S’mores Bar

Photo: Pinterest

Every kid loves them, and you can’t deny that you do too. A s’mores bar is a great treat to get your guests to interact! This is an awesome idea for people having an outdoor wedding with the option to have a camp fire, or you can actually use tea light candles! You can supply different kinds of chocolate and crackers too. A delicious gooey treat for all your guests to eat!

This is only a taste of all the different and fun ideas you can do for your ‘bar,’ at your wedding. You want to have something fun for all of your guests to enjoy where they have the option to choose what they want.

Megan McColman