So, I Proposed!

So, I Proposed!

So, I Proposed! – By Paul Swanson

I had gone over the possibilities of what was going to happen when I propose a few hundred times in my head. I pretty much knew what I was going to say, how I was going to do it, when, where, etc. The funny thing is though, none of that will prepare you for the real thing.

Now don’t let that scare any future grooms-to-be out there, just know that all the planning in the world won’t make the feeling of doing something completely new go away…but that’s what makes it exciting. So many people had asked me beforehand “are you getting down on one knee?” and made sure that I knew that “you should really get down on one knee.” So yes of course I was going to, it’s tradition, it’s just what you do.

But how the hell do you do it once the time comes?

At what point is it appropriate to get down on one knee? Do you open the ring box when you’re down on one knee? When do you stand up? Will it be awkward if she’s crying with happiness and wants to hug you but you’re still down there not knowing what to do next? These all hit me like a ton of bricks at once. I went with my gut and just knew that what I would do at the time would be right (I hoped).  Because really and truly, the experience is so exciting and so wonderful that whatever happens will be perfect.

So here’s what I’ll say. For anyone out there who’s nervous about the details of proposing know this, first and foremost your partner is going to love that you are doing it…everything after is just (for lack of better words) icing on the cake. If you get down on one knee, do it when it feels right for you. They will love it, and if it’s awkward, then you have something special to laugh about together after the fact.


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