Something Old, Something New: 10 Hairstyles to Inspire Your Wedding Day

Wedding Hair Bridal Fantasy

Something Old, Something New: 10 Hairstyles to Inspire Your Wedding Day

Wedding Hair Bridal Fantasy

Hair: it’s just as important as the dress, the tux, the décor, and the food to make your wedding day spectacular. After all, it will be in your wedding photos forever.

Take a look at the 10 bride and groom hairstyles below to draw some inspiration for your big day.

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1. Classic, curled tresses


Found on Hi Miss Puff

The classic curl is great for a bride who appreciates simplicity and wants to keep her hair down and free. Want longer curls? SohoStyle sells a large variety of hair extensions, from real to synthetic!

2. The rugged prince


Found on Full Fit Men

The rugged prince is for men who want to rock the beard without looking disheveled. This look proves that beards aren’t always casual!

3. High bun

bridal hair high bun

Found on Bride and Breakfast

The high bun looks extremely elegant and high fashion. Pair it with beautiful makeup done by Blush Artistry if you’re in Edmonton or Calgary (or even for destination weddings!), and you’ll silence the room when you walk in.

4. Clean sides

clean sides men hairstyles wedding

Found on Hairz Style

If you love making a subtle but stylish statement, this cut is for you. Show off your style and add some flare to your hair by keeping the sides extremely short.

5. “Feelin’ like Rapunzel” side braid


Found on Afrotherapy Salon

The Rapunzel braid is beautiful for brides who want to keep their hair down, but want a little more than curls. The asymmetry also adds a nice touch to the overall look.

6. Sweet and simple


Found on Wedding Hair Looks

Not into statement hairstyles? Keep your hair how it usually is… just freshly trimmed! Make sure to not get your hair cut any sooner than two days before the wedding.

7. Sleek and out of the way

simple wedding hair bride

Found on Wedding Inspirasi

When the dress is already a statement in itself, keeping your hair slightly wavy and neatly tucked behind the ears is all you need. Imperial Bliss Studio can give you a look that’s as simple or as extravagant as you’d like.

8. Love that speaks volumes

volume hair men wedding

Found on Hairz Style

Let the volume of your hair equal the amount of love in your heart. There’s nothing more sexy than having smooth, fluffy locks to run your fingers through. Check out The Hair Co. for great wedding styles for men and women.

9. The ‘hawk

edgy hair wedding bride

Found on Black Bride

Keep your wedding guests intrigued with this beautiful fo-hawk. While it screams edginess, it’s still elegant and captivating. Get this hairstyle at North Edmonton’s Rock It Out Salon, where hair possibilities are limitless.

10. Stay fresh

fresh hair cut groom wedding

Found on The Right Hairstyles

The fresh cut looks sharp on any person. Make sure to book a haircut the morning of the wedding to ensure maximum newness!

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