So you’re shopping for an engagement ring. You’re pumped, you’re excited and you’ve potentially decided on a style or on an era that reflects on aspects of your partner’s personality and demeanor. You went to the CrownRing website and found an absolutely flawless engagement ring – a vintage-inspired ring from the Noam Carver Bridal Collection. You’ve even found the perfect wedding band as well – a handsome gold rope ring. Now what?

Yes, you’ll get to show it off to all your friends and family on social media with the utmost grace and dignity. But here are some things to think about before you purchase your ring to take care of your rings post-purchase so you can enjoy your jewelry for the rest of your married life, worry-free.

Ring Insurance

Whatever the value of your ring is – you should highly consider insuring it so in case it is lost, stolen or damaged, you will be partially or fully covered. Ring insurance can be an extension of your homeowner’s insurance and personal property. As long as you save your receipts and have your rings appraised by a certified gemologist, you can easily have the ring insured along with other expensive and significant items in your home.

You can also purchase insurance through your jeweler if they offer it, or through smaller insurance companies. It is also important to have the rings appraised every 5 years as the cost of diamonds and precious metals is always fluctuating. This ensures that you know its worth at all times and there are no surprises if you do have to replace a missing ring.

Wearing it Out

If you wear your rings out in public, make it a general rule to never take them off till you’re back at home. This will ensure that you can never lose them down a bathroom sink or leave them somewhere where they can be stolen.


Avoid wearing your rings while you’re using hazardous household products. This will make sure your rings stay in good condition, as exposure to chemicals can damage or corrode it. The same thing goes for wearing then when you’re doing activities that can potentially put the ring in a rough situation.

Finally, have your rings professionally cleaned every once in a while.

Following these steps will help you ensure that you and your partner can enjoy the best of your wedding jewelry for the years to come. If you change your mind or still haven’t found your perfect ring, let us help you. Take a look at our wedding band and our engagement ring collections, and feel free to contact CrownRing for any questions you might have.

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