Trena Laine Makeup Artist Inc.

Trena Laine Makeup Artist Inc.

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Trena Laine Makeup Artist Inc. team has always used products that are more so on the holistic side, have healing properties and available through our best suppliers.  They have prided themselves on using the best of the best after all these years and allowing the products to work with their client’s skin types and at the same time also using what they put on their clients…and coming soon, Trena Laine will have their own Makeup line launching!

It only made sense after all these years working with all skin types, concerns and for longevity of the day/event that it was time to bring in their own luxury product line and offer their clients face friendly, high standard pigments and ingredients across the board.  Ingredients which are not toxic to wear but also preserve the quality and shelf life of our products.

A luxury product line that provides ultimate performance and extended longevity all while nurturing the skin and produced right here in Canada…Now how luxurious is that, eh?

Their products are:

Paraben Free

Made in Canada

Performance Driven

Allergy & Sensitivity tested


Fragrance Free

Not Tested on Furry Creatures

Made with and used with love

All products are shipped directly from Calgary, Alberta and available by appointment only at their Calgary based studio.

Drop them a line at or please go to Contact Page for further information.

If you wish to connect with Trena Laine Makeup Artist Inc. for service inquiries please visit us at