Wedding Websites

Wedding Websites

Wedding Websites BF BlogWedding websites are something that is fairly recent in the wedding world. But we are definitely on board with them! There are a ton of great things that wedding websites can do.


Wedding websites can be an easy place to keep all of your wedding information. People can visit the website and bookmark it as soon as they get the invitation. That way, if they lose the invitation (which happens ALL the time), they still have all of the information and won’t have to bother you or your fiancé for it!


They are a great way to do paperless RSVP’s. Many wedding website templates offer the option of easy RSVP’s for your guests. Save on postage, make things easy for your guests, and have all of your RSVP’s safely in one place – you definitely won’t lose any!


If you are somewhat of a more private person via social media, or don’t have it at all, it is a great place to post your story. Only the people who you have given the link to will have access to it, and they are the only ones who will be able to enjoy the photos, stories and ideas on it!


Can’t make a wedding website? Don’t worry, there are a ton of awesome websites out there to help make your wedding website as unique as you! One of our favourites is Their templates are classy, simple, and there are a ton to choose from. It offers RSVP, as well as great ways to share your story. We highly recommend it!



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