Woo The Groom – Engagement Ideas

Woo The Groom – Engagement Ideas

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Because of marketing and social advertising sometimes the brides might get a little wrapped up in all the great things they are able to spoil themselves with, or to receive as a gift. But remember—the men deserve a little love as well! It’s only fitting as he is the one who got down on one knee. I feel like the men should get a little spoiled from their woman. Now not everyone gets their significant other an engagement gift BUT I think it’s time we do a little something extra for him as a thanks for putting up with your amazing self, and wanting to do it for the rest of his life. Here are the engagement ideas from the bride to the groom.

If he says he doesn’t like to get pampered—he’s lying. And once he’s gone he will never be the same. Buy your man a gift certificate to the spa for when he done work during the week so he can spend the evening getting a massage, facial, and mani/pedi (the can be for guys too). He works just as hard as you and deserves some down time. If you want you can even make it a couple’s package and spend some quiet quality time together.

Every man deserves a mini vacation. Plan a weekend get away somewhere just the two of you! Camping in the mountains (or resort in the mountains), or a town you’ve never been too! Put some thought into this and think about what he would like to do or where to go. You could even plan a staycation in your own home and take him to his favorite places in your own city. I’ve known lots of couples to go get a really nice suite at a fancy hotel and just spend the night sipping on wine in the Jacuzzi. Never forget how important quality time with the love of your life is.

You’re man might not spend hours doing his hair and makeup like you sometimes do, but he does groom himself. Book him an appointment at the salon to get his hair cut and a hot shave. He might get hung up at work and not be able to clean himself up the way you or he likes all the time, but this is one way you can show him that you think it’s important to put him first before going to get your own highlights done. Something so simple means the world to him.

Now their are always going to be things you can buy, places you can take him but nothing beats a clean house, home cooked meal, and a movie of his choosing. Throw his favorite snack in the mix and you have a happy fiancé.

At the end of the day he just wants to know that you care about him. He wants the effort. The most nervous day of his life was probably getting down on one knee in front of a whole bunch of people or maybe alone somewhere with candles lit. He wants you to know he wants to be with you for the rest of your life, that he’s your best friend, that he loves you more than anything. Return the gesture with something big or small. Either way just let him know you care.

Written By: Megan McColman– Fitness, Beauty & Bridal Blogger

Photo Credit: www.witneycarson.com & https://www.indiaearl.com/witney-carson-winter-wonderland-engagements-2/