Stay Supportive During Wedding Planning

Stay Supportive During Wedding Planning

Stay Supportive During Wedding Planning BF BlogThe madness of wedding planning has hit your bride-to-be. She always seems to be in a flurry of wedding appointments, cake tastings, hair trials, and dress fittings. She is constantly stressed out, and you even find yourself thinking “I don’t remember asking this girl to marry me.” Here’s the thing: this is all temporary. For you, it might not be a big deal. It is a wedding, it is one day, it is what it is. But for her, chances are she has had a vision of this day since she was very, very young. She has found her dream guy, and she wants to celebrate that with the dream day.

First and foremost, you need to be there for her. Try to make it to all the appointments that you should be at (re: food, photographer, music, cake, venue, etc). This will take some pressure off of her already. Even if you do not have much of an opinion on it, be there so that you can help her if she needs it.

Let her vent to you. She will need to do this a lot. But do not just let her vent, really listen. Offer advice, share her sentiment. Let her be a little irrational when she is upset. Do not tell her that her feelings are not valid (especially when she is really upset). Even if she is being a little irrational, listen and support as best as you can until she calms down.

Check in with her as often as you can. Ask what you can do to help. If she was upset about something, ask her how she is doing after a couple of days. It shows that you were listening, and also that you care about her emotional well-being.

This wedding is about the both of you, and the fact that you are building a life together. You want to show her that you can be supportive and keep everything light and fun. That is what this day is all about, anyway! Be her feet when her head is up in the clouds, and ground her when she is going out of control. You are her rock, just as she is yours!