The Pro’s and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

The Pro’s and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

pros and cons of an outdoor wedding bf blogVenue is so important for wedding planning. Chances are, you have thought about it forever. Generally, you know what time of year you want to get married, and then you know whether you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding. That seems to be the easiest task…sometimes. People tend to shy away from outdoor weddings for various reasons. We thought we would break things down a little bit for you!


  • It is gorgeous! Your outdoor wedding can have a gorgeous backdrop of trees, beaches, flowers…basically anything natural!
  • Because you have a gorgeous natural setting, you save a ton on ceremony décor. No need to buy flowers when you get married surrounded by beauty!
  • It can be cheaper…sometimes. If you are not looking specifically at designated outdoor wedding venues, and want to look more at city parks or areas like that, all you need is a small permit to use the space and you are set, which can save you a ton of money.
  • The lighting is almost always great for photos. And if it’s not, your photographer can easily move around to get the best lighting. What’s even better is that if it is overcast, that makes the best lighting, and you do not have worry at all!
  • You get to be outside…that’s a great perk all by itself!


  • It is so unpredictable! You could have a gorgeous day, or a day full of rain. You always have to have a back-up for your outdoor venue just in case of weather.
  • Back-up venue is a must for weather, which can also mean an added cost. If you are at a designated outdoor venue, chances are they have a back-up in place for you. If not, you will have to arrange for one yourself.
  • Some places charge for chair rentals. This might mean you have to pay per chair from the venue, or from a third party. Make sure you do your research!
  • Bugs! This is a big one you generally don’t think about. A lot of people avoid outdoor receptions for this reason, but they don’t think about ceremony issues! No one wants to smell like bug spray at a wedding. There are, of course, alternatives to bug spray, but it’s just something to consider when making your decisions!

We hope this helps a little bit in your decision making for your venue! Good luck!

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