An Informal Affair

An Informal Affair

YAn Informal AffairOU’RE ENGAGED! Congratulations! And after a looooong wedding season, you definitely have a lot of ideas of what you do and do not want at your wedding. Turns out, you really don’t want a formal affair. You want something chill, nice, not too crazy…except everyone is telling you that’s not possible. “You have to have the dress,” “you have to have the fancy meal,” “you have to have the flowers.” NOPE! You don’t! We have your guide to a casual wedding, so stop worrying, and keep reading!

If you are looking for a more casual wedding, why not forego the gown? Wear a pant-suit, a casual dress, or even a skirt and nice top? You do want to look nice, but who says you have to spend thousands of dollars to do that? There are a ton of options at your fingertips. Don’t feel like you have to go with the traditional option of a gown if you don’t want to!

Maybe you want to forego the big-fancy meal situation. There are absolutely ways around this – and they’re usually more fun! Try having a potluck as an option! Ask everyone to bring their favourite dish – and the recipe – and enjoy an eclectic feast! You will also get an awesome recipe book by the end of it! You could also try something a little less labour-intensive, and that is ordering pizza or getting a few food trucks to come out. Food trucks are very trendy, and people always love pizza – you can do no wrong!

Flowers can really rack up a huge bill – especially wedding flowers. There are definitely alternatives though! If you have time – or lots of help – try making paper flowers. You can make small ones and build a bouquet, or make big ones and carry one or two down the aisle with you! Maybe you don’t like the idea of flowers in general: try an alternative, like peacock feathers, balloons, all greenery, or (my personal favourite) puppies! (Check that out here:

Just because weddings are a long-held tradition in our society does not mean you have to do things by the book. If you would prefer to go outside of the box for your wedding, don’t be afraid to do it! It’s your day, and you can have it however you like! Besides, going outside of the box often lends itself to big savings… enjoy!