Fall Weddings

Fall Weddings

 Fall is arguably the most beautiful time of the year, which naturally would lend itself to some stunning weddings. Fall WeddingsHowever, we get stuck in the typical fall loop. We think “we can only have red, orange, and yellow colours, and we need all the pumpkins.” Don’t worry, you don’t actually need that!

While those red, yellow, and orange colours are a classic, and will likely be part of your theme just because of the outdoor colours, they do not have to be he colour scheme you have actually chosen. We suggest you choose maybe one of those colours, or a colour in their general family, and add a light, neutral colour (white, ivory), and add a ton of greenery around your decor. For example, ivory and pale pink flowers with a deep burgundy accent colour, surrounded by greenery. This lends itself to pick up the gorgeous natural colours of fall while still creating your own spin on it.

You also don’t need to overload your décor with pumpkins if you are having a fall wedding. While I myself am a big pumpkin fan, some people aren’t. If pumpkins aren’t your thing, you have some other options. What’s your favourite part about fall? If you want to continue on the fruit train, switch to apples! You can have apples on the table, have apple cider, apple pie, apple crisp, apple favours? Why not! Maybe you love the leaves. You can get gorgeous leaf garland at crafting stores to add as a table runner for a touch of fall inside!

Outside of décor, you can add other aspects of fall to your wedding! Giving scarves as bridesmaids or groomsman gifts is a big one. Who doesn’t like a good scarf? Hot chocolate bar at the end of the night? Why not! Make a “Pimp Your Hot Chocolate” bar with marshmallows, whipped cream, and sprinkes! Maybe a s’mores bar? Yes please! Speaking of s’mores, if your venue has an outdoor bonfire space, have a bonfire! People can make their own s’mores and enjoy a lovely fall tradition.

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(photo: Pinterest)