Not Inviting Significant Others

Not Inviting Significant Others

Not inviting significant others bf blogWe have done countless of blogs about guest lists and ways to cut down on your guest list. Here’s another one! This one, we decided to dedicate an entire blog to this idea because it can get pretty political and messy if not done correctly. This whole blog is about not inviting significant others to your wedding.

Okay, here we go. First of all, we are not in the business of making you any enemies!  But you DO NOT HAVE TO INVITE ALL SIGNIFICANT OTHERS TO YOUR WEDDING! This seems to have been a “rule”, and we were sitting here thinking “…why?” Generally S.O.’s are invited to make your guests happy, and more often than, people invite S.O.’s to their wedding for that reason only. Turns out though, it is your day and you have final say on who gets invited (duh).

Here’s the criteria:

  • How long have they been dating? If it’s a new relationship, you have an easy “off-the-hook” excuse. “Invitations already went out, and we have the table settings set, sorry!” This should not be too bad for your guest. Most people are understanding of this. But if they have been dating for a while, then…
  • Have you ever met them? Hung out with them? More than once? Okay, so if you’ve never met them, you are under no obligation to invite them. However, if you hang out with them on a regular basis (even when you are really just there to hang out with your friend and not your S.O.), you should probably seriously consider inviting them.
  • Are they married? This is when things get murky. Generally, if they are married, you invite the S.O., even if you haven’t met them. However, I have a fun tidbit: my mother’s coworker and friend is getting married. She is concerned about the size of her guest list. All of her coworkers that are invited told the bride-to-be that none of them would be offended if their husbands weren’t invited to the wedding. Basically, they all said that they would be more than happy to sit at a table of work ladies and have it almost be a girls night out, and not have to worry about entertaining their husbands all night.

Basically. #3 is really complicated and you have to read the situation carefully. When in doubt, talk to your guest with the S.O. you seem to be struggling over inviting. If they are a good friend (which we are assuming they are), they will be open to the conversation.  (photo via Pinterest)