NYBFWICYMI: New York Bridal Fashion Week was last week, and HOLY do we have things to catch you up on! We are basically in love with all of the bridal trends coming out of this past week, and we are sure you will be too! Buzzfeed put together an awesome list of some great gowns they saw (https://www.buzzfeed.com/terripous/27-ridiculously-pretty-wedding-dresses-to-look-at-while-the?utm_term=.tjY2YpnwJ#.qkdwz8vpL) , but we’ll break down the major trends for you!

Again, a major trend we are continuing to see is coloured gowns. While most gowns come with a white/ivory option, many designers are opting to showcase their blush, champagne, and even blue coloured gowns! We absolutely adore this trend. We love that this give brides the ability to personalize their dress even more!

Another trend is sleeves. Long sleeves have been a trend since 2011 when Kate Middleton wore her stunningly simple sleeved gown. This time, the sleeve of choice is the off-the-shoulder look! Again, another trend we broke earlier this year when we saw so many gowns coming out with this look. Cap sleeves are also in! While we still saw many strapless gowns, cap sleeves are also making a comeback, and we love it! Sleeves can really give arms a more toned look – who doesn’t want that?

Long veils are also back in style. Catherdral length veils and capes were a hot pick for NYBFW, and we love it! Adding length and extra detail and styling to your look is always good. Plus, longer trains, veils and capes really make a girl feel like a princess without having to go with a full ballgown look, and who doesn’t want to look like a princess on their wedding day??

Our last trend that we’re highlighting are sexy slits! Thigh-high slits were a frequent sight at NYBFW last week, and we can’t get enough! Some women want the sexy look without having to be too revealing. A sneaky slit is just the ticket. You can hide the slit if you want during the ceremony, or let it flow open freely, whichever you want!

These are just a handful of trends we noticed. There were tons! What is your favourite NYBFW trend? Let us know! E-mail us at social@bridalfantasy.com!

(Photo: bellethemagazine.com; designer: Berta)