Weddings of the Future- How to Incorporate Tech in Your Special Day

Weddings of the Future- How to Incorporate Tech in Your Special Day

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The 2017 WeddingWire Newlywed Survey revealed that technology has become the ideal way to plan a wedding, as couples now spend 50 percent of their time planning from a smart phone.” While technology has made planning more convenient, the ever-evolving trends in the wired world also have transformed the way couples capture, preserve and celebrate their nuptials.

Technology is broad reaching and surpasses the now seemingly simplistic inclusion of snapping photos with a smart phone. Tech savvy couples utilize drones, 3-D printing, GoPro, livestreaming and so much more as a means to elevate their wedding and the preservation of those once-in-a-lifetime memories.

As more tech-loving millennials march down the aisle, the wedding industry’s tight tether to the web of technology grows more tangled. For couples ready for a wired wedding, explore these tech-savvy enhancements to make a digital impact on the traditional “I Do.”


Oh, to be a ‘flower’ on the wall! Hide GoPro in the bouquet for a very unique vantage point. You just never know what those flowers might witness! Set the flowers on the wedding party table to capture all the craziness of the reception, or just use GoPro to capture the walk down the aisle. Using GoPro in the bouquet also ensures an awesome video of the bouquet toss.

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3-D Printing

Using 3-D printing is all the rage in the wedding world. The unique technology give couples the chance to create custom design wedding cake toppers, ring designs and even table decorations. Hanley Smith and William Connell were interviewed by ABC News for the story “Technology Is the Hottest New Wedding Trend, From Drones to 3-D Printed Cake Toppers.” The couple used a 3-D printing company to create their likeness into a cake topper.

“It’s a backyard barbeque wedding,” Smith told ABC News in an interview. “Obviously there will be a band and lights but it’s a real homey kind of wedding. I think bringing this technology into it just enhance the personalized nature of what a wedding should be.”


Yes, drones are invading weddings. Couples integrate drones for their ability to capture aerial views of the ceremony and/or reception. But using drones requires that couples abide by Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) regulations. Drones must not fly five miles from airports without prior notification to airport and air traffic control.”  The drone also must be kept in sight and must weigh less than 55 pounds. All operators must follow all FAA guidelines, and it is the responsibility of the couple to research all guidelines before using a drone for the wedding coverage.

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Livestreaming allows out of town loved ones witness a couple’s big day. Couples may elect to hire professionals to set up streaming services (including the streaming site) or they may set up their own livestream. Include information about the livestreaming site with wedding invites, and be sure to offer specific instructions on how to access the streaming site for guests who might not be tech savvy.


There is no better way to keep all wedding snapshots, selfies, posts and updates together than by creating a wedding hashtag. Be sure to share the personalized hashtag with guests so they can use it when referencing photos or other wedding posts. When choosing a hashtag, be original and make it catchy (rhyming helps!).

Technology is the wave of the future for weddings. Options for capturing videos, photographing the event and designing personalized décor will continue to evolve as technology becomes savvier and even more streamlined. Technology enables couples to leave their digital mark with memories preserved in cyberspace and traditions entangled in the web of social media. While technology is forever changing the way a wedding is captured and even celebrated, the day still remains deeply rooted in family, love and the promise of forever.

Guest Writer Shannon Lochwood