10 Indispensable Tips to Create an Eco-friendly Wedding

Weddings are celebrations of love and every bride wants it to be special. Your wedding day is said to be one of the best days of your life, so you need to make sure that everything will be as you want it to be. There are a few wedding trends that are hot this year, and one of them is creating an eco-friendly wedding. 

Apart from all the love, joy and happiness that characterize a wedding, they are huge generators of waste. In the list below we will provide 10 indispensable tips that will help you reduce the waste and carbon footprint of your wedding. 

1. Choose an Outdoor Venue

Choosing the wedding venue is the first major step you take when you start organizing your wedding. You can choose an outdoor venue, like a beach, a farm or a vineyard. Like this, the sun will provide a natural light which will make the ceremony more intimate.

Most outdoor venues offer renovated barns with toilets, so you don’t need to worry about hygiene, says Cynthia Smith, who offers australian assignment help at an essay writing service on sustainable ways to organize events. 

2. Ceremony and Reception in the Same Place

If an outdoor venue does not work for you, there are other ways you can make your wedding eco-friendlier. There are a lot of botanical houses with a lot of plants and natural light that can help you use less electricity. 

Choose to host the ceremony and reception in the same place. Like this, you will not be needed to travel from one place to another. This will considerably cut down fuel emissions if you think that all your guests will use cars to travel between places. 

3. Online Wedding Invites

Millions of trees are cut every year for making paper and this is affecting the climate because there are more trees cut than planted. A good idea would be to send your wedding invites online.

Like this, you will completely cut down paper use. The same goes for save-the-dates. Paperless is the new conscious choice couples are making for their big day. 

If you still want to have a few wedding invites printed, the next tip is for you. 

4. Eco-Friendly Paper

Not all couples are in for sending emails with wedding invites, so the next choice should be choosing an eco-friendly paper and print company. Katya Jackson, who offers custom essay help at the best dissertation writing service on eco-friendly behaviors has some suggestions.

There are companies, such as The Windmill Paper Boutique which use windmill power for their printers. When talking about paper, you have some nice options. You can choose recycled paper or paper that has seeds in it. Guests can plant the wedding invite afterward and it will turn into flowers or herbs. There are also cotton or bamboo options, so you have plenty of eco-friendly choices. 

5. Flowers

The bride’s bouquet must be impressive. However, most companies use chemicals to protect the flowers from insects. These chemicals have negative consequences on one’s health, so it is better to choose eco-friendly companies. This means that they cut the flowers fresh and make your flower bouquet within a few days. Choose seasonal flowers instead of flowers that are not in season, as your bouquet will be fresher. 

The same goes for the flowers used at decorating the venue. And to reduce the waste, you can have a company collect and reuse them. Another great idea would be to use potted flowers that can be replanted or reused afterward. 

6. Alternative to Flowers

If you are not a flower person, you have other eco-friendly choices. Think about the decorations you would like to take home. Also, you can decorate your venue with books, candles, vegetables or fruits from a local farm. And you can also rebrand your bouquet and use cotton stems or vegetables. 

7. Catering 

An important and central part of a wedding is the food. You can choose to work with catering companies that buy products from local farmers. They are fresher and need less time refrigerating, and they also have a stronger and more aromatic flavor. 

A pro of choosing to work with local farmers is that you will be able to reduce the fuel emissions because the food will travel a shorter distance. If you worry that your budget will increase considerably, as bio and organic products are more expensive, here is the tip. If you ask your catering firm to search for in-season products, they will be cheaper. 

8. The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is an important part of the wedding because it attracts all the attention. An eco-friendly tip when buying your wedding dress is to search at local vintage shops. You can find something that you like and adjust it with the help of a seamstress. Consider re-wearing or renting your wedding dress from online shops like Nearly Newlywed. 

However, if you want a new dress, you can search for eco-friendly designers that use sustainable fabrics. 

9. Favors

Choosing the right favors is usually tricky because you want something nice, that people would mind losing or breaking. You can go green and choose to offer succulent potted plants or plant seeds. 

A great idea would be to donate the money for favors. You can choose two or three causes, like animal rescue, plant tree initiatives or wildlife protection. To involve the guests, let them know that they can choose which organization to donate the money for their favor.

Display a sign with all the information about the causes you chose and let them decide to which to donate on their behalf. This is also a great way to raise awareness about climate change and its effects. And it also encourages your guests to go green and choose more sustainable ways of living. 

9. Biodegradable Confetti

We all know that confetti and balloons make the wedding more colorful, but they are extremely damaging to the environment. And the same goes for sky lanterns that end up in landfills. They also have a huge risk of setting fires and damaging the habitat of animals, says Michaela Johnson, editor on Wildlife Management topics at Australian assignment help

Instead, you can choose biodegradable confetti. They can be bird seeds, dry leaves or flower petals. Original confetti are very hard to remove from the ground, so it is better to consider an eco-friendly option

It is important to be aware that your choices have consequences on the environment. The new wedding trend urges couples to make more eco-friendly choices for the ceremony of their love. You can cut down on your carbon footprint and support local communities if you choose to consider these tips. 

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