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5 Date Ideas in Southwest Edmonton

5 Date Ideas in Southwest Edmonton

By Currents of Windermere


Going downtown on date night is fun, but sometimes it gets a little stale. Let us show you how you can have a spicy time out in the suburbs all at Currents of Windermere. Bonus? It’s always free parking!

1. Have a Five-Course Dinner at Five Different Places

Getting older means that a food-crawl excites you more than a pub-crawl. This date is perfect for the couple who just can’t decide where to go to eat. Start with a made-from-scratch cup of soup at Brown’s Socialhouse. From there, enjoy a side salad at KB & Co (hello, Citrus Greens). You MUST try the mouthwatering entrees at vivo, because who doesn’t like traditional Italian? Become mixologists at Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt by combining flavors, candies, cereals, and more. Then last but not least, finish with cool drinks at the Boston Pizza lounge. Yummy yummy yummy, you have love in your tummy!

2. Photo Scavenger Hunt at Cabela’s

Just because food-crawls excite you doesn’t mean that you can’t play games anymore. Create a list of 5-10 fun photos for each of you taken inside the great indoors at Cabela’s. Make sure your phone batteries are fully charged, because the first one to collect all photos wins! Types of photos may include yourself dressed all in camo, a photo with a bear, photo inside a tent, photos of 3 different animal head trophies, or high-fiving a stranger. Make sure you give yourselves a time limit, just in case!

3. Sweat Together

View the CYCLEBAR Windermere schedule, and check out some of their themed cycle nights. Themes have included throwback Thursdays, happy hour, hip hop, and so much more. Plus, your first class is always free. Couples that sweat together, stay together!

4. Puppy Date on Montana’s Dog-Friendly Patio

Don’t worry about leaving your fur baby at home for too long. When the sun is shining, just bring them to Montana’s BBQ & Bar! Oh yes, it’s true. Your doggos are allowed on the patio of Montana’s at Currents of Windermere! Whether you have pups or not, check it out because dates + dogs = love.

5. Picnic Under the Stars

Sometimes a late-night picnic means gas station snacks, and that’s definitely okay. Check out the 24-hour Shell station, stock up on your favorite convenience store snacks, and go lay under the stars at Currents of Windermere’s Town Square. Remember your blanket for an extra cozy night. Town Square is also the perfect place to finish your popcorn after a movie at the Cineplex Odeon VIP theatre, since they’re directly beside each other. Can someone say r-o-m-a-n-c-e?