5 Incredible Night Wedding Shoots That Are Must To See

According to statistics generated through a survey presented on SLR Lounge, 20% of people hire professional wedding photographers annually. It shows that many weddings happen each year, where people prefer to get their pictures taken professionally than allowing a friend to the favor or taking any other alternative.

Therefore, it is safe to say that as many weddings that happen every year, wedding photography is a great business to be involved in. But in order to do it right and take it up a notch amongst so many others in the same domain of work, it is best to follow the current wedding market trends.

These days wedding clients prefer themes, aesthetics editing, and many other different ways to make the big day of their lives even grander. People prefer different styles of wedding photography to capture beautiful moments more uniquely.

Night Wedding Portraits

Recently, one such style that has been getting a lot popular is Night Wedding Portraits. Night wedding photos turn out extremely beautiful, given the fact that you have many different ways to play with the backdrop of your portraits.

Here are five incredible ideas that you can check out for having a uniquely different wedding night shoot!

1. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are not only a beautiful room décor accessory but turn out fantastic in pictures too. Fairy lights are used as a beautifully lit up backdrop and come in all colors ranging from neons to subtle gold hues. They can easily be hung on a wall, from a tree, and even bunched up to look like beautiful spheres of light. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they can easily be made a part of your wedding décor. It is always a sight to see a night venue lit up because of the beautiful decoration of fairy light strings.


Sparklers make for a great wedding portrait because you can get every one of your wedding guests involved in this. It is a great activity that makes up for even better pictures and memories to look back to. Distribute sparklers among your guests, 1-2 each and ask them to light them up and hold them up high while the wedding couple walks through the beautiful canopy of lit up sparklers. The portraits turned out fabulous as the sparklers light up the backdrop as well as allow your friends to be a part of the picture too. You can even make the addition of letting the wedding couple hold sparklers while the photographer clicks some candid shots for the portrait.

3. Floating Lanterns

This trend has been following along since last year. It not only makes up for an excellent backdrop for pictures, but it is a fun-filled activity to have as a part of your wedding event. It is basically a couple’s activity where two people can enjoy lighting up lanterns together as they inflate and then released collectively in the air. Decide on an open landscape as your wedding venue if you plan on doing this. Mainly it is this precise moment of releasing the lanterns in the sky that is most picture-friendly. Photographers use this fleeting moment to capture the beauty of light in the sky. The candid moments of couples trying to release lanterns together, the joy of seeing them afloat, and the whole lit up field makes up for some really great wedding pictures.

4. Exploding Fireworks

Fireworks are the go-to props when it comes to weddings. They are usually a part of night weddings, even though there are pictures involved or not. It is ceremonious to include fireworks on the wedding day in many cultures around the world. Whether you are planning a classical church wedding with white dressing or a modern Hollywood glam wedding with movie jackets and cocktail dresses, fireworks sit well in every backdrop.

5. Under the Moonlight

When you are already planning on having a night wedding, then why not plan ahead to have it on the night of a full moon? Landscape photography with a full moon in the background is the most classical romantic way of getting wedding portrait pictures to take. Photography personnel at King Essay are trained even to edit your night picture to include a full moon. So, that you don’t have to worry about having your wedding on an exactly full moon night.

In conclusion, night wedding photography is a great way to get your wedding pictures done because it is easy to light up the backdrop through fireworks, sparklers, lanterns, etc. All these beautiful light and natural accessories turn out great for the overall wedding album. They not only make up for great pictures but great activities in the ceremony too!

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