5 Tear Jerking Movies to Watch

girls watching sad movie

Movies that will definitely make you cry….

Movie night with your girls? Want to lady out and watch a chick flick? As a sappy girl, know it all I’m here to give you five movies that are sure to leave a tear or two in your eyes.

Me Before You – 2016

The Run Down – Will (Claflin) is left paralyzed after a motorbike accident two years ago and is now determined to travel to an assisted suicide facility in Switzerland. When Lou (Clarke) becomes his caretaker, she’s equally determined to prove to him that life is worth living and changes his life.

Tear Scale – 4/5 – I’ve seen this movie three times including once with my boyfriend and every time I cried like the first time. This movie has an amazing story and really opens your eyes to make the most out of the life you were given.

P.S. I Love You – 2007

The Run Down – Holly’s heart is broken when her husband Gerry dies from a brain tumor. But then something happens on her 30th birthday; a message from him arrives, and ten more he arranged to have delivered after his passing. At the end of every letter says, ‘P.S I Love You’.

Tear Scale – 5/5 – I literally cried this whole movie. Simple as that.

I Am Sam – 2001

The Run Down – Sean Penn plays a father with a developmental disability who must fight to keep custody of his young daughter in this cry fest co-starring little Dakota Fanning.

Tear Scale – 3.5/5 – A bond between a parent and child is greater than any love you come across in life. A classic but still one of the best stories film has ever made.

The Elephant Man – 1980

The Run Down – A man suffering from severe elephantiasis, opens viewers eyes of the inhumanity and moral exclusion people routinely inflict on others each and every day.

Tear Scale – 10/5 – I watched this movie growing up as a child and then again at my present age and the story is still so very relevant to what happens in 2017. With tears and inspiration, the film will teach you to always have courage and be kind.

A Walk to Remember – 2002 –

The Run Down – Two polar opposites are brought together because the popular and rebellious teenager Landon Carter is threatened with being expelled from school after he and his friends are caught drinking on the school grounds, and seriously injure another student during a prank gone wrong. He then meets Jamie Sullivan who changes his life forever with love and tragedy.

Tear Scale – 5/5 – I believe that every woman should watch this movie at least once in their lifetime. I can’t even count the amounts of tears I shed watching this movie.

Megan McColman of Bridal Fantasy