6 Skincare Tips To Achieve A Wedding Glow

by Krizzia Navarroza Scollon


Preparing a beauty regimen is as essential as preparing for your wedding. After all, you’re going to marry the love of your life so you really have to look your best.  For those who are wondering how to achieve that wedding glow, here’s how you do it. It’s not as hard as you think it would be.

1. Drink lots of water

Not only does it improve your skins complexion; water also boosts your immune system. If you’re very hands-on on planning your wedding, it’s advisable to drink lots of water as it also helps to increase your energy and relieves fatigue. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water will make a difference.

2. Take multi-vitamin supplements.

Multivitamins decrease your stress level and are very good for your hair, skin and nails. They also aid in boosting your immune system which is important because really, who wants to be sick while planning their wedding?

3. You are what you eat

Beauty products can make you stunning but natural beauty starts from within. In order to get that glow, you have to maintain a balanced diet. Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits that are rich in fiber, nuts and some healthy fats. DO NOT CRASH DIET! Crash diets are not just bad for your health, they can also affect your skin.

4. Good sleeping routine.

Lack of sleep makes you tired and unmotivated. It also increases your stress hormones. Even if you take care of your skin, a bad sleeping habit can still result to wrinkles, dark circles and other noticeable signs of aging.  

5. Don’t try a new product days before the wedding.

It’s important for you to know how your skin can react before using any new skincare product. You can always try a new product, you just have to make sure to try it a few months before your wedding.

6. DIY facial masks

Facial masks make your skin look youthful and refreshing. You can buy them at a local drugstore or a beauty shop but if you are trying to save money, there are also some alternatives which you can do yourself. A cup of honey, some ground oats and warm water will make your skin smooth and flawless. You can also try mixing ground oats and coconut oil to achieve that natural glow. Just remember, before buying or doing your own facial masks, it is important to know what is best for your skin type. Just like trying out a new product, it is best to try these months before your wedding


 Zits on your wedding day? Don’t panic!

You wake up on your wedding day with a pimple on your face; it can be really annoying but there’s no need to fret! It might not disappear in time for your wedding but make-up can do magic. You can use a green concealer to cover your pimple or any other blemishes. You can also ask your make-up artist or your friend to help you with this.