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At your wedding, people will talk. What will they say about the music?

These days, every one’s a DJ! And everyone knows someone who knows someone that’s a DJ. And just like friends shouldn’t let friends move them, friends shouldn’t let their friends DJ their wedding. It is true what they say about the entertainment at any event, it is one of the key components to a great time. It is no secret that the market is saturated with DJs, so how do you hire the right DJ for your budget?

7 Tips on how to hire the right DJ Service

Compile a list of DJs: Ask friends for referrals and ask your vendors to recommend their “preferred DJ’s.

Don’t make the price the deciding factor: Pricing is one thing-quality is another. DJ’s are not created equal and equipment, experience and level of service all come into play. $800-$1200 is the average. The difference between a bad experience and a great experience can be $200.

A DJ service is generally priced higher than just hiring a DJ: The benefits of hiring a DJ service? Most are full time and offer liability insurance. If the DJ gets sick, they’ll have a suitable replacement.

How quickly do they return your call or email? We once booked a client within 60 seconds of answering their call just because we answered our phone!

Does it look like they invest in their business? How’s their website? Can you view their music selection on line? Do they offer lighting? Are they a member of the BBB? Do they have an online inquiry form?

Get it in writing: You should always have a Service Agreement that requires your signature and outlines the terms and conditions, form of payment and cancellation policy.

The music: A great DJ will stand up all night and read the crowd. A Lazy DJ will just press play and take a seat. If you’ve spent months striving to create the perfect night, then don’t settle for just a DJ. Will they have the type of music your group is into? Will it be radio edited or full of ‘f’ bombs? Will they take direction from you and your wedding planner? Are they living for the moment? Or do they want to get an A on their report card so that they may get future bookings from your guests?

Biggest myths?

No DJ or DJ Company needs to have backup equipment in their car, unless of course they use shoddy equipment! They should however, have systems in place and back up plans.

Do you drink on the job? If you answered no, then neither should your DJ. They are not one of your guests; they are the “hired” entertainment. Discuss the ‘drinking’ policy in advance. A bartender once reported that at a wedding, between the photographer and DJ, 52 shots were consumed!

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Written by Ozzie Kipnes, Hot Wax Entertainment