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A Complete Wedding Day Guide For Bashful Grooms

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Brides take a backseat! Weddings are as much about the groom now as the bride. In recent years being a groom has become much more than just donning a tuxedo and kissing the bride.

From the endless pre-wedding functions to the last few stag outings to simple tips to wow the bride on the wedding day, we cover it all in this post dedicated to all the would-be-grooms.

Acknowledge the Moment

From the moment you propose or say yes, a new tide of your life turns. The key is to embrace and enjoy this moment. Be sure in your mind and heart that she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.  Once the question is popped, don’t procrastinate in setting the wedding date. Don’t let the charm and beauty of the moment fade away. Enjoy the preparations and involve yourself whole-heartedly in all aspects of the wedding. From the ring to the guest list to the venue, be actively involved in the planning and the execution. Acknowledge this beautiful moment of your life and start planning a wonderful life ahead with the one you love.

Keep Your Bride Happy

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These are the testing times of a relationship. Help her in all that she is doing. Get her flowers often. Pamper her, accompany her to her fittings, take her along for your shopping. If she needs any help with the family or the bridesmaids, be there for her.  Rent her a movie, cook her a great dinner, give her a nice massage. Keep her relaxed and smiling. Keep reminding her how happy you are to have her in your life and how much you are looking forward to be man and wife.Most brides turn extremely jittery before the wedding. There are a hundred things on her mind. The bride-to-be is often tensed and nervous and may snap at the drop of a hat. The bridezilla really emerges. But that is only because she is facing an immense amount of pressure. Be understanding and patient with your wife-to-be during these times.

Look like a Thousand Bucks on Your Wedding Day

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All eyes are going to be on you. Everything will revolve around you. You will be the center of attention.  And then there will be the photographs and the home movies that will immortalize this day of yours forever. Can you afford to look anything but the best on this day? I think not.

Make sure your bachelor party happens at least a week before the wedding. No half-sleepy looks and red eyes on the wedding day. Indulge in some spa and treatments to prep up your skin in the last week before the wedding.

Men, no matter how calm and composed you have been throughout the pre-wedding period, do take note that you need to look nothing short of dapper in all your pre-wedding functions, and on the final day. Ill-fitted clothes, unkempt hair and footwear fit for the run are unforgivable. Keep it simple but classic on your wedding day. Pick sharp silhouettes and fabric that are slightly heavier and will hold the shape of the garment. Custom made suits are the safest bet for every kind of groom. Go try on a few at the local shops and boutiques to know your best fit. If it’s a quickly planned wedding and you are too pressed for time, opt for tailor made suits online from a reliable online store that pays attention to details.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

Well style is one thing, but comfort too plays a major role in being a dapper groom. Once the suit or tuxedo has been taken care of, think of the footwear. Invest in a great pair of shoes that will keep you in high spirits throughout the wedding and not make your feet hurt or uncomfortable at any time. Oxford, Monk or Derby shoes in blacks and browns are most preferred by grooms. Remember these shoes will be a worthy investment. They will be appropriate for many more black-tie occasions and be a good addition to your business wardrobe as well. Christian Louboutin, Paul Parkman dress shoes or Barclay tuxedo shoes are worthy buys, you will never regret.

Gift the Groomsmen

Your best man and your groomsmen have practically been by your side through every part of the wedding, right from buying the wedding ring to planning your bachelor party. It’s time you thank them for their caring gestures and constant support by gifting them well. Think of something personalized that will be a reminder of how much you valued their presence and support throughout the wedding. Edibles like chocolates and alcohol are done-to-death. Besides they lack permanence. Spend some time thinking what your best man and groomsmen truly enjoy, what are their interests and then plan their gift. Make it something that they will cherish forever and is a true token of appreciation for all that they have done for you.

Make it a Speech to Remember

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If you have to wear your heart on your sleeves, do it for your wedding vows and your wedding speech. A groom’s speech is one of the most awaited moments of a wedding. It’s the moment your bride, the bride’s parents, your parents, your friends, the bridesmaids and everybody else is waiting for. No pressure.

Making a beautiful wedding speech is a very simple task when you are honest about your feelings, your story and the life you are about to start with your beloved. You can always begin on a humorous note. Don’t forget to thank everyone who has made this moment so special for you. Make it light, short and sweet. Take as many names as you can remember.  Put some effort in writing the speech and practice it for a day or two. End it by toasting to the family and friends, and expressing your true love for the bride. Make your speech heartfelt. You will have the new bride blushing and the guests applauding for you.


With all the grooming tips for you dear groom, don’t forget to enjoy your own wedding, have a blast. Dance, get clicked, kiss, eat, love, make promises, keep them, inspire with your love story and make it an unforgettable wedding where enjoyment, love and happiness flowed unrestrained.

Guest Post by Korie Cantor