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Ask The Expert: Courtney Owner of Lash Affair | Bridal Fantasy

Courtney, owner of Lash Affair, recently answered our top 6 questions about lash extensions. From what they are to the process of getting such a luscious full look.

1. What are lash extensions and why have they become so incredibly popular over the last few years?

Lash Extensions are the latest craze sweeping over the beauty industry. They are individual extensions that are adhered one by one to each natural lash, giving women the lashes they have always dreamed of! Lash Affair uses synthetic, silk, and cruelty-free mink lash extensions.

They have become so popular in the last few years because more and more women are finding out about lash extensions for the first time. Finally, after years of trying mascara after mascara without great results, they can now come and get literally whatever lash look they want. The best part is lash extensions last through swimming, hot yoga, etc. Women can now literally roll out of bed looking fabulous… and who wouldn’t want that? Any woman can benefit from smudge-proof, lush lashes – from busy moms, business women, brides, gym-a-holics… you name it!

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2. What do you find to be the number one benefit of lash extensions?

For me, the main benefit is rolling out of bed with beautiful lashes every morning, and skipping the mascara! Lots of our clients also love the fact that they can do hot yoga, swim, and work out at the gym with full, dark lashes that won’t run, flake, or smudge.

3. What is the most popular look?

I wouldn’t say we have any look that is more popular than the other. Our styles range from super natural, to over the top glamourous… and everything in-between. Our clients range from 17-75 years old so everyone is after different looks. That’s the beauty of lash extensions – they are 100% customized to each woman’s unique eye shape, and desired look. We have lengths ranging from 7mm-15mm, and thicknesses (0.15 soft and natural) and 0.2mm (full, mascara look.) We also carry different curl types! So any look can be achieved.

4. On average how often should you go to keep up the look of stunning lashes?

Women who want to keep them looking full and fabulous should come back every 3-3.5 weeks for fills. Your natural lashes (and all the hair on your body) is constantly shedding, and growing new hairs, so as your natural lashes shed with their cycle, they take the extensions with it. A baby hair then grows back in, and at your fill appointment we are putting extensions on the new growth.

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5. Explain the process and care of the lashes.

  1. The process of applying the lashes is completely painless and relaxing (in fact most of our clients fall asleep!). Our clients lounge back, and relax. Their Lash Affair lash technician then chooses an under-eye treatment to best suit their skin needs (vitamin a & e, collagen and elastin, or brightening). Our treatment gel pads are applied to the under eye area, holding down the bottom lashes during the application process. The client then closes their eyes.
  2. Our technicians then apply extensions one by one to each natural lash, using two tweezers (one to isolate each natural lash, and one to pick up each extension, dip it in the adhesive, and adhere to your natural lash). We use 4-5 lengths within a full set to create a natural, diverse lash look.
  3. When the treatment is done the gel pads are removed, and the client is good to go!
  4. Caring for the lashes is quite easy, and includes combing through the lashes to keep them untangled, using our sealant coating to protect them, and trying not to rub or tug on them too much as it can speed up lash shedding.

6. What makes Lash Affair different than other lash lounges?

At Lash Affair, we are all about three things… quality, and results, and service. We don’t cut corners in any way, and use only the absolute highest quality in every aspect of our product line. We use synthetic, silk, and mink fur lashes. We also use gel pads to hold down bottom lashes that treat dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, and add moisture. Our adhesive is top of the line and is a medical grade, breaking edge adhesive that offers superior flexibility and durability.

For more info on what lash extensions can do for you visit, or visit us on Facebook at

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