Back to The Basics of Treating Yourself

Back to The Basics of Treating Yourself


By Currents of Windermere


First comes love then comes…venue searching cake tasting, invitation designing, table assigning, gift registering, dress shopping, floral ordering, vow writing, hotel booking, honeymoon planning…*deep breath* then comes marriage. You’re a superhero, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to be burnt out by your wedding day. Stopping to smell the roses should be equally as important as making sure your big day goes as planned. Here’s a reminder to do things for YOU right now conveniently at one place: Currents of Windermere.

1. Massage

Okay let’s just get the obvious out there: massages…are…amazing. Scientifically though, massage therapy does so much for the body that you can’t forget to take advantage of this one. Massage has been proven to increase levels of oxytocin AKA the love hormone. It also reduces pain, stress, and anxiety. Massage is absolutely a powerful tool to take control of your well-being, especially when paired with aromatherapy which can be done at Massage Heights.

2. Nails

Being a DIY nail kind of gal is awesome. You are independent. You are creative. You are way more skilled than the rest of us who can’t paint with our left hand to save our life. However, if you’re yearning for some alone time to sit down and not be bothered for an hour, this is the perfect opportunity. Acrylic nails, gel nails, rhinestone nails, patterned nails, black nails, French nails – whatever your nails, just sit down at Q-Nails or Frilly Lilly and let that hand massage happen.

3. Solo Movie Date

If this isn’t already on your bucket list, make sure it’s on there now. It’s no lie that it takes some guts to go to a movie all alone, but in the wise words of Paris Hilton, “The Backstreet Boys were so ten years ago. Whatever.” Wait…wrong quote. Nonetheless, the Backstreet Boys are out, and going to the movies alone are in. We’re adults now, so we can do these weird things. You can sit wherever you want, eat the entire bag of popcorn, laugh, cry, stay the entire credits – it’s all you! If you want to really spoil yourself, go to the 18+ Cineplex VIP theatre and live like the true king/queen you are.

4. Run “Errands” at a Home Décor Store

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of saying you’re going out to run “errands” when that actually means doing one thing, then spending two hours in a Winners/HomeSense. If your hand isn’t raised, then what are you waiting for? Grab a coffee, put on your comfy-pants, and take a stroll down the throw pillow aisle. You’ll be transformed into a hypnotizing world full of hotel-worthy linens, seasonal décor, candles that were probably made with you specifically in mind, and probably a unicorn. It’s that magical.

So no matter how busy your schedule is, make sure to make time for yourself because you cannot pour from an empty cup. You got this.

Find all the stores listed above at Currents of Windermere in southwest Edmonton.