Beauty Gifts for the Bride

May 30, 2022 | Beauty & Wellness

Giving an experience for a wedding, engagement or a bachelorette party is something you can do to keep your gift giving unique. Perhaps you’re looking for a gift to pamper the bride, something to give your bridal party, or maybe you’re even looking to pamper your mom or grandma. Here are some unique beauty gift ideas to consider when gifting for your loved ones.

Makeup Workshop

A makeup workshop is an event where you can get together with a group of your friends to learn a few makeup techniques.

Workshops can be personalized in so many ways:

Were you looking to purchase a gift for the entire bridal party where everyone can get glammed up before a night out or for the bachelorette party?

Were you looking to gift an intimate experience for just the mother and daughter to spend some quality time together?

Are the people participating in the event looking for more of a day time, glam or bridal look? Perhaps they want to learn to take their daytime makeup to a night time look without starting over.

Whatever sort of workshop you may be looking for, you can personalize the experience to your needs. Just consult with the company you’re booking with to see what types of workshop they can provide.

Lash Lift and Tint

If the bride does not have lash extensions for her wedding, a lash lift and tint is always a nice treat that requires zero maintenance and is at a lower price point – bonus! Lash lift and tints will last about 4-6 weeks, which is the perfect service to have done a week before their wedding. This gift will last throughout their honeymoon, making it the best gift for a new bride.

DIY Spa Day at Home

Sometimes an experience isn’t always about leaving your home. An engagement gift that is always a hit for the bride is a DIY Spa Day. All you need is a bathtub caddy, face masks, bath salts, a candle, a bridal magazine and maybe even a bottle of wine! This gives the bride a nice spa experience in the comfort of their own home to relax and start their wedding planning!

Luxurious Spa Day

Services like a massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure are all perfect ways to gift an experience. Give your bride a spa day at their Bridal Shower to help them prepare for their wedding day, or wait for their wedding day to help them wind down after all their planning has finished. You could even gift a couple’s massage so that the new bride and groom can relax post nuptials. Wedding planning can be both stressful and expensive so gifting something to help them prepare or relax from the big day will certainly not go unnoticed!

Spray Tan

Who doesn’t love a good bronzed glow on their wedding day? If you’re going to gift a spray tan to the bride, I would recommend purchasing two sessions. One for a trial to make sure the color is just right and one for them to use a couple days prior to the wedding day. If you’re wanting to gift your bridal party with a spray tan for the wedding day, you can book all your girls at a spray tan studio, or you can book a mobile business to come to your home. Spray tans are a great, non-permanent way to get a beautiful glow without any damage or risk to your skin.

Sometimes gifting an experience outside of the bride’s registry is something that they didn’t know they needed. It helps create lasting memories with those who are the most important to them and helps them really take their time and enjoy the wedding planning process.

About the Author

Adriana Senecal

Adriana is the owner and lead stylist for Bliss & Glow Artistry. She launched her business in March of 2019 and quickly build up a team of experienced hair and makeup artists to accommodate the demand. With over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry, she has found a love for everything bridal and wanted to create a business that reflects that.

Follow Adriana on Instagram @adrianasenbeauty

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