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BF Beauty 101: Lashes

You’re going to be batting your eyes down the aisle like a goddess after taking this lash advice!

A lot of women stray away from false lashes because it does seem intimidating at first. Have no fear, I’m here to hold your hand and guide you to feeling confident in your eyes on your wedding day or just day to day! Here are 5 secrets to amazing false lashes.

One. Decide what kind of look you are trying to achieve. Is this your wedding and you are going for a soft bohemian makeup look? You’ll want false lashes that remain more natural but still give you that length and look of false lashes.

 QUO Full Lashes 806 Glamour

For a more glamorous set for maybe a night out I would suggest a faux mink demi wispie set because it adds a little bit more of a fuller look instead of just a single strip of lashes. They’ll give you a sexy flared effect, the sash is longer on the outer corners creating a sexy flared look, extra fine & soft fibers, light criss-cross layering and Medium Volume. You can find the lashes below at a Walmart or Sally’s Beauty Supply Store.

 Ardell FAUX MINK 811

Two. Trim your lashes if the strip is too long. If the lash appears to long for your eye don’t try to wear them. They will irritate your eyes and you’ll spend the whole time trying to get them on, eventually just giving up, and think you wasted your money. When trimming your lashes take off only a little bit of the OUTER part of the lash. It makes a big difference.

Three. Pick the right glue. A lot of issues woman have is buying any glue for the lashes and then they end up being allergic to it. Try out different glue and test to see which suit your eyes the best. Do not cheap out on Dollar store glue or something that doesn’t look of quality because it can be quite damaging to your eyes.

Recommendation: Duo Striplash Adhesive White/Clear 

Four. When lash glue says wait 30 seconds to dry that means wait 60 seconds. Try putting a dab of the glue on your finger for 40-60 seconds and then put your fingers together to feel the texture. You don’t want it to be dry or wet but you want it to be gummy/sticky so it sticks right to your lash line.

Five. Apply the lash glue to the outer seam of the eyelash strip with an applicator or small brush, and Place the strip on your eyelid, positioning it as close as possible to your natural lashes. I know a lot of girls who feel like they cannot wear eyeliner on their eyelid because they don’t know how to place the strip on their eye to make it look natural. ALSO, apply mascara AFTER you apply your lashes and the glue settles. This matches your natural eyelash to your strip lash to increase the natural look of your eyelashes.

Written By: Megan McColman