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Breast Cancer Awareness & Self-Examinations

Breast cancer affects 1 in 9 women in Canada during their lifetime and current statistics estimate that 24,400 women and 210 men in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and that 5,000 women and 60 men will die from the disease in 2014. With statistics like these, it’s highly likely that you or someone you love could be affected! October is breast cancer awareness month, so it’s a great time to start thinking about your breast health.

The best step to stopping breast cancer  in its tracks is regular self-examination; early detection is the best step for minimizing your risk. It’s normal for your breasts to differ slightly in shape, size, and the way they feel, and to change during your menstrual cycle, in pregnancy and as you age. Many of the most common breast changes are not signs of breast cancer, but be aware of how your breasts usually look and feel and discuss any unusual changes with your doctor. Not sure how to do a breast exam? We love this video from Kris Carr, she’s joined by Keep A Breast Founder, Shaney Jo Darden for a fun video on breast exams, breast health and prevention!

Want to learn more about breast cancer and how you can get involved? Visit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation website, they have a wealth of resources about cancer, including breast cancer myths, info about forms of treatment, and more! You can also find information and links to different fundraisers and events in support of breast cancer research and prevention.