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Bridal Beauty Botch-Ups


Whether it’s a bad spray tan, a huge zit, irritation from a bikini wax, or over-tweezed eyebrows before your wedding day, don’t stress! Pink Lady Krista Chapman from The Pink Book has got you covered.

Krista recommends that . . .

. . . if a spray tan has got you lookin’ like an Oompa Loompa or one of the cast members of Jersey Shore . . .
Option 1: Step 1 – “Start with a long soak – this will hydrate skin cells making them easy to remove by exfoliation, which is Step 2” (“baking soda is a great exfoliate.”)
Option 2: A dip in a chlorinated swimming pool, Dove body wash, and then finish off with some Curel lotion. “After a few days, your color will return to normal.”

. . . if you went a bit overboard with the tweezers . . .
Step 1: “Put down the tweezers”!
Step 2: “Select a brown brow pencil a shade similar to your brows and draw in the ideal brow shape.”
Step 3: “Your brow should start in line with in the inside corner of your eye, arch following the natural line out from your pupil and finish, again following the natural line from the outer corner of your eye.”

. . . if you’ve been attacked by a monster zit before the big day . . .
Option 1: “A cortisone shot at least 24 hours before is said to be the best bet.”
Option 2: “At-home remedies include toothpaste, Visine eye drops, Hemorrhoid cream and most commonly benzoyl peroxide (but this can be very drying, making your zit difficult to cover with make-up).”

Krista’s Tip: a few trial-runs should be ran during the wedding planning phase to determine what works best with your skin, and then trying your best to dial down your stress level before the big day!

. . . if a bikini wax has got you and your skin a bit irritated . . .
Tip 1: “Keeping the area clean is important to prevent bacterial growth in newly exposed hair follicles (using mild soap and water is your best bet).”
Tip 2: An over-the-counter tropical ointment can help to speed healing.
Tip 3: “Wearing loose fitting clothing can also help minimize additional irritations.”