Top Adventure Wedding Spots in Europe

Jan 14, 2023 | Honeymoon, Wedding Planning, Wedding Tips, Wedding Trends

Destination weddings have always been a great way to celebrate your big day. Europe’s diverse landscapes have so much to offer to those who want a unique wedding experience in a different continent. From historic ruins, surreal lakes, breathtaking mountains, and luxurious cityscapes, there’s a perfect option for all kinds of couples.

In this post, we will focus on the astounding nature scenes of Europe and tell you which ones are available for your big day. Read on as we take you to the top adventure spots for destination weddings in Europe.

Scenic Nature Spots for Adventure Weddings in Ireland

Ireland never runs out of places with breathtaking nature scenes for adventurous couples. Top of the list are elopement cliffs in Co. Clare, Donegal, and Kerry that offer astounding views of the wild Atlantic.

If you’re afraid of heights and don’t want to hike on your wedding day, there are other equally phenomenal alternatives. There are lakeside chapels or vast open fields with castle ruins in the background. These are just a few of the Irish nature spots available for your special day. If you do a quick research about these locations, you can start listing down potential venues for your destination wedding.

Nature-Surrounded Fairy-tale Chateau for French Weddings

While Ireland is great for adventure elopements, France is dotted with fairytale chateaus for elegant intimate weddings. Imagine medieval buildings and charming old structures inhabited by the elites hundreds of years ago. These beautiful chateaus were restored to their former glory, with their chic facade and regal interiors preserved for a luxurious experience.

There are so many of them in southwest France which are available for all kinds of weddings. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor, big or intimate. Some of these chateaus are perched in the middle of a forest. Others surrounded by lush gardens. While some sit on the side of a river. Surely, there is one French chateau that will perfectly fit your taste.

Romantic Italian Elopement in Tuscany

The sound of Tuscany probably rings a bell for those who are dreaming of a countryside wedding in Italy. The Tuscan region is teeming with vibrant nature next to quaint villas and country homes. Your options range from vineyards, olive groves, and thick forests, to name a few. Guaranteeing dreamy backdrops for your ceremony in Tuscany.

This romantic region looks great in summer and spring with its lush greenery in full bloom, but the Tuscan villas, country homes, and resorts are available all year round for whatever date you want to get married. They are the perfect places for terrace and outdoor weddings overlooking the Italian countryside.

Historic Castles for Weddings in Germany

For some couples, being surrounded by nature on their wedding day is non-negotiable, but they also wish for a historic vibe on that special day. If you’re one of these couples, we recommend choosing a historic castle in Germany for your destination wedding in Europe. There are many options to choose from because Germany is filled with castles sitting amidst lush nature.

Some of them lie next to beautiful vineyards while some are literally found in the middle of the forest. This specific German castle for weddings lies next to the Rhine river, making it a romantic place to say your I dos overlooking the clear body of water. Take a look at these nature-rich wedding castles in Germany. See for yourself if one of them is the perfect venue for your adventure wedding in Europe.

Luxury Resorts for VIP Weddings in Spain

There is something inexplicably magical about Spanish islands and regions that make people come back for more. Within Spain’s borders are historic villas and palaces, scenic beaches and luxury hotels, and UNESCO World Heritage sites that are surrounded by nature from different sides.

Some historic locations sit next to lovely vineyards while some medieval manor houses are located beside woodlands and rolling hills. Pick a breathtaking venue of your choice for a memorable elopement in Spain.

Cozy Mountain Lodges for Alpine Elopements in Austria

We’re down to the two last European countries with the most exciting elopement spots, and we’ll be amiss if we don’t include Austria. Each region of this beauty-stricken destination breathes elegance and serenity, and this is not an overstatement.

Mountaintop wedding villas, mountain chalets in Tyrol, and the alpine venues of Carinthia will testify to the natural beauty of Austria. Add mountain cottages in winter wonderland towns and lakeside cottages to the equation, and you’ll have a perfect destination for a unique ceremony in the middle of nature.

Mountain Resorts and Lakes in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most underrated European country for destination weddings. While it is undeniable that the cost of Swiss weddings is higher than a French or Italian ceremony, there’s a good reason for the price difference. For one, the standard of living in Switzerland is much higher than in other European countries, and it is a landlocked paradise with nature scenes everywhere even in urban areas.

Imagine the highest peak of Europe with a restaurant on top and over 1500 lakes composing 4% of the whole of Europe’s fresh water stock. You can literally say the Swiss territory is covered in and surrounded by greens and blues. Top all the natural resources with breathtaking mountains, and you’ll understand why Switzerland is an expensive wedding destination.

Nevertheless, getting married in a Swiss mountain resort or a large and brilliantly blue lake guarantees a topnotch adventure wedding in Switzerland.

Beach Venues for Seaside Elopements in Portugal

There is no doubt that Portugal is one of the top destinations for beach weddings in Europe. With its long west coast offering unparalleled views of the turquoise Atlantic, you will surely find a perfect venue for your adventure wedding by the beach.

From exclusive beachfront castles to beach club hotels and elegant resorts, you will never run out of Portugal wedding venues for a sunset ceremony along a sandy coast.

Now you’ve seen the best places for destination weddings in Europe. It’s time to start looking for vendors to help make your dreams come true.

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