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Dos and Don’ts of Getting Engaged During The Holidays

So you’re thinking about proposing over the holidays. December is the most popular month for engagements, and the holidays may be the big boost for the month’s proposal popularity. However, while you may be proposing during the most popular month, dropping down on one knee during the holidays comes with a few guidelines.

Holiday proposals are an amazing gift…well, really, the engagement ring is the ultimate gift. There is a right way and a wrong way to propose during the holidays, though. And with family usually at the center of this month’s festivities, you also may need to make a few adjustments to your holiday schedule after proposing (and receiving a “yes!”).

As the busy days of the holidays are less than two weeks away, here is your survival guide to the perfect holiday proposal…mistletoe NOT included!

A Family Affair?

You, like most everyone, will likely be spending part of your holidays with friends and/or family. If you want to propose on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you need to figure out if the proposal will be private or a family affair. How you propose depends on your future fiancé. Does he or she want family included? Or should the moment be between just the two of you? This decision is important, because some people don’t want the moment to be shared with everyone…they want to share the news and have the proposal remain private.

Kitschy, Cool or Classic?

Dressing up as Santa Claus, the Grinch or any other holiday character may seem over the top and cheesy. But if your significant other loves the kitsch than go for it! Grab that Santa suit and carry a bag filled with presents and the ring! You also can play it cool and propose during a sleigh ride through the snow or at a ski resort (just don’t drop the ring in the snow!). Or go classic and plan a romantic holiday dinner and incorporate the proposal. No matter how you propose, just make sure it fits your relationship.

Announcing The News

After the ‘yes’ is confirmed, you may want to tell the world and shout the news from social media. Don’t do this. Do NOT shout the news on social media…at least not yet. Family should be the first to know about the engagement. This means you need to tell your parents and siblings first, and then close friends. After the nearest and dearest know about the engagement, then you can go online and make it Facebook official.

A Festive Ring?

If you’re proposing over the holidays you may be inclined to infuse the festive tone into the ring. If you think this is what you’re beloved would love, then add side stones of rubies and emeralds. If festive isn’t his/her style, keep the nod to the holidays on the inside of the ring. Set a pair of ruby and emeralds inside the ring band or inscribe a festive message within the band.

More Gifts?

Look, if you’re proposing during the holidays, the ring is the gift! No one should expect another present if they receive a ring and a proposal for the holiday. But if you really want to present another present, choose something small and meaningful. Don’t go overboard, though.

However you choose to propose during the holiday, just make sure the moment is true to you and your future fiancé. Make the proposal meaningful and be sure to find time to celebrate together…away from friends and family. And remember to take pictures (#ringselfie)!

Blog Submitted by Naomi Shaw